Best 56 Brand’s Designer Sandal Design For Women

Today we discuss about best 56 Brand’s designer Sandal Design For Women. We know women are very passionate about their beautiful sandal. Every woman want to wear designer sandal. So I’ll tell you best 56 brands designer sandal which can grab a woman’s attention.

Women who are determined to make themselves look beautiful, want to express the identity of beauty by their outfits. The most important outfit among them is the sandals. Women are very fond of beauty and due to the fact, they want to show more their beauty by gorgeous outfits. They match their outfits one by one. They have an artistic mind to express themselves. They have the mind-blowing patience to create great looks.

As they are very passionate about their outfits so why do we ignore the most important part of their outfits, The Sandals? You can’t believe how much important the sandals are. Suppose a woman is wearing a matching hairband, matching lipsticks, matching dress, but her sandals are not matching with other outfits so that will never look so good. It would be cooking food without salt. So we can imagine how important a sandal is!

Best 56 Brand's Designer Sandal Design For Women
Sandal Design For Women

Sandal Design Is A Fashion?

Women’s sandals are now not only a thing to wear or held to the feet. It is now becoming a fashion so different companies have now expressed special interest in making girls’ or women’s sandals. We can see that one design is more interesting than another design, and we find them on the Internet.

Best 56 Brand's Designer Sandal Design For Women
Woman walking on-ramp

Of course the design of sandals has become a fashion and several large branded companies have participated in this competition. Many companies are invigorating a variety of fashion shows to embodiment their models of sandals. Companies present their best models of sandal design to everyone to grab attention.

There are different models, women or girls walk on the ramp wearing different types of beautiful attractive sandals So sandal takes an important position in the fashion industry.

Sandal design Variants

There are different variants of sandals available. Based on the style, ritual, the behavior of a particular population, and country sandal categories vary. I’m giving some examples of that

Best 56 Brand's Designer Sandal Design For Women
Black color designer shoes
  1. High heel sandal design
  2. Low heel sandal design
  3. Clog design
  4. Korean jipsin sandal design
  5. Flat sandal design
  6. Slide sandal design
  7. Strap sandal design
  8. Bow square toe sandal design
  9. Thong sandal design
  10. Ankle tie sandal design
  11. Strappy sandal design
  12. Flip flop sandal design
  13. Wedge sandal design
  14. Tribute sandal design
  15. Knotted sandal design
  16. Shearling sandal design
  17. Ankle warp type sandal design
  18. Ankle strap sandal design

These are the popular sandal design variants.

Sandal Design Different Steps and Quality Process

Best 56 Brand's Designer Sandal Design For Women
Sandal Design Different Steps and Quality Process

Actually, there are no particular categories are present for sandals. Because a sandal is made of different types of materials, physical work, automated machines, etc. There is handwork involved, automatic cutting machine involved, design machine involved, and manpower involved. So based on the above information, we can divide sandal design into different categories. Like

  1. Women sandal design by a designer
  2. Women sandal design based on brand
  3. Women sandal quality based on material
  4. Women sandal design based on style
  5. Women sandal design based on heel shape

Women Sandal Design By A Designer

Best 56 Brand's Designer Sandal Design For Women
Women Sandal Design By A Designer

Designing such sandals requires the most effort, graphic design skill. Most of the time such sandals are made only by hand of a versatile designer. There are no direct machines used here, even the designs that are used on such sandals are made by hand.

For this reason that all these sandal designs are extremely popular, more attractive, and more expensive. Such sandals are usually designed by different designers for their models. Also, designers make and design sandals for the business purposes of different companies.

These sandals are created by the designer’s artistic craft creativity, techniques, and mind-blowing tricks and everything is involved to create this unique and creative masterpiece. That’s why such sandals become very attractive and expensive.

How to design a sandal by a designer?

Best 56 Brand's Designer Sandal Design For Women
How to design a sandal by a designer?

Now we’re going to focus on the next topic that is how the designer do their work?

  • First step, they use brainstorming and mind mapping techniques for sandal design
  • Second step, they create sketches (Using designing tools) for sandal design
  • Third step, After doing a lot of sketches they select a final design for the sandal
  • Forth step, They do that selected design alive through computerized graphic design tools.
  • Fifth step, Sometimes for a demo model the designer use 3d machine
  • Sixth step, After that, The selection process began. The designer selects perfect materials for the sandal like
  1. The sole, midsole, insole materials (Leathers, rubbers, wood, etc)
  2. Sometimes a sandal can contain heels so heel materials selection is also an important part.
  3. Thong Materials or Latchet Materials selection (Leathers, rubbers, fabrics)
  • Seventh, the Manufacturing process started

Women sandal design based on brand

Best 56 Brand's Designer Sandal Design For Women
Branded Sandal

Women are very passionate about their sandal brand. Sometimes women choose a brand by using a sandal for a long time and sometimes they choose a sandal brand by sandal design. We often hear from a woman that “The design of that particular brand is very nice”.

Women usually predominate the quality of sandals of one brand first of all. If the quality of the sandals is very good and it is very comfortable that only they choose the brand as the brand of their choice. The price depends on the design of the sandal, quality of the material, company’s brand value and demand. so if any brand of sandal is more popular, comfortable and durable, then the price is a little higher again. If you buy them, you’ll get out of your pocket. There are different brands are present in the market and I’m going to write some popular brands among of them.

Which are the best 56 Sandal Design Brands for women?

  1. Acne Studios
  2. Alaïa
  3. Alexander McQueen
  4. Alexander Wang
  5. Alexandre Birman
  6. Amina Muaddi
  7. Aquazzura
  8. Balenciaga
  9. Bottega Veneta
  10. Brother Vellies
  11. Brunello Cucinelli
  12. Burberry
  13. By Far
  14. Chloé
  15. Christian Louboutin
  16. Dolce&Gabbana
  17. Fendi
  18. Gianvito Rossi
  19. Givenchy
  20. Golden Goose
  21. Gucci
  22. Guidi
  23. Isa Boulder
  24. Isabel Marant
  25. Jimmy Choo
  26. JW Anderson
  28. Khaite
  29. Loewe
  30. Mach & Mach
  31. Manolo Blahnik
  32. Marni
  33. Marsèll
  35. Miu Miu
  36. Moncler
  37. Nodaleto
  38. Off-White
  39. Peter Do
  40. Prada
  41. Proenza Schouler
  42. Raf Simons
  43. Rick Owens x Birkenstock
  44. Roger Vivier
  45. Sacai
  46. Saint Laurent
  47. Salvatore Ferragamo
  48. Simone Rocha
  49. Stella McCartney
  50. Suicoke
  51. The Row
  52. Thom Browne
  53. Tod’s
  54. Valentino Garavani
  55. Versace
  56. Zimmermann

These above 56 brands are very very popular, trendy in the world.

Women sandal quality based on material

Best 56 Brand's Designer Sandal Design For Women
Material of sandal

The quality of a sandal depends on its material. The better the quality of the sandal, the better the material. Popular sandal brands draw the most attention to their materials to make it more comfort and durable. A sandal is usually made in 5 parts and each part contains quality material.

  1. Strap Parts Material
  2. Sole Parts Material
  3. Mid-sole Parts Material
  4. Insole Parts Material
  5. Heel Parts Material

Which Material used for manufacturing a sandal?

Best 56 Brand's Designer Sandal Design For Women
designer sandal

There are different kinds of material used for manufacturing a sandal. The most common material is leather, synthetic and rubber material. Almost 80% sandal manufacturing company use this above material.

  1. Canvas Material
  2. Faux Fur Material
  3. Leather Material
  4. Shearling Material
  5. Suede Material
  6. Synthetic Material
  7. Rubber Material

If we want to talk about sole, heel or strap material then we can say that a sandal manufacturing company needs quality rubber, original leather, suede or good quality wood for manufacturing a durable and comfort sandal. Additionally, the company needs to focus on the colors and the size also.

Best 56 Brand's Designer Sandal Design For Women
Simple sandal

Here a question may arise in your mind that, a color or size is a part of material! The answer is yes. Color and size is very important for a sandal. A vibrant color is used on a material that can reflect very well, looks like vibrant and grab buyer’s attention. So if the color placing material quality is poor then it would be unable to reflect the quality and not looks like vibrant. Also quality leather or rubber material can fit very well and that mean the size will automatically adjust. So trendy, stylish sandals in vibrant colors means great exceptional type material used by that particular brand.

Women sandal design based on style

In terms of the design of women’s sandals, we have already mentioned 56 of the popular brands. This 56 brands are eminent for their style. The styles are very different from each other. Each style of sandals is very popular for their variety and uniqueness. The styles are given below

Best 56 Brand's Designer Sandal Design For Women
Occasional Sandal design
  1. Women’s Ankle Strap style sandal
  2. Women’s Espadrille style sandal
  3. Women’s Flip-Flop style sandal
  4. Women’s Lace-Up style sandal
  5. Women’s Mary Jane style sandal
  6. Women’s Slide style sandal
  7. Women’s Slingback style sandal
  8. Women’s Sport style sandal
  9. Women’s Strappy style sandal
  10. Women’s Thong style sandal

Women sandal design based on heel shape

Heel shape is also an important part of women sandal design. The hill shape attracts others attention. There are mainly 4 popular hill shape we can find from top brands. Those are

sandal design
Matching Sandal
  1. Sandal’s Block type heel shape
  2. Sandal’s Kitten type heel shape
  3. Sandal’s Stiletto type heel shape
  4. Sandal’s Wedge type heel shape


We have already said that when using a very high-quality and improved quality material on a sandal, its price is a little higher. This is why all these sandals can usually start at $400 to $500. However, the price of these sandals may be higher on production costs and imports, because if a foreign brand company has to import sandals from abroad, there is a lot of tax on it, and that tax will increase the price of those sandals by nature.

So that all for today. I hope you will like my post. Thanks a lot again from Ashis kr deb.

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