How to Start A Freelance Career: Best 5 Tips to start

How to Start A Freelance Career? Is freelancing career is the best choice for anyone who wants to enter in this profession! Don’t worry. Today I’ll discuss about how to start a freelance career and also I’ll share 5 best tips to start your freelancing journey.

Many of us are worried about professions or careers. As we get older, we become more focused on our careers. Many of us think that if we go to a profession later, we can make our career stronger. So today’s post is for them.

Today’s post is written to see how to take our career to a stable place without a job. Many people may wonder what freelance is or how can we build our careers through it? In fact, to be honest, the word freelance is small but it has so many scopes and we will know that there is such a big possibility of setting up our career.

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Who Is A Freelancer?

What do we mean by a freelancer? What we think of as, a freelancer is that individual who work in individuals. That is,they are not dependent on anyone else for their own work. So we can also call it a business. Usually these freelance works are done Short-term. But sometimes a freelancer also got long-term work.

How A Freelancer Works?

Literally the word Freelance involves one’s own individual self because it has to be made suitable for it and it all depends on itself. There are many who can design very good quality graphic or there are many who can do very good web development or design, and there are many who do very good content writing work. I just spoke about three things here but also about 100 more different work falls within the freelance category.

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Everyone is very skilled in their own place and this Freelance Career platform is the place to show that skill where we can get to work according to our skills. first of all, we have to make a portfolio presentation for it and keep some samples of the kind of work we can do there. These will be our key to attracting any Client to ourselves.

If we are very skilled in all these tasks, the freelance platform is very useful in creating any kind of freelance career. Here I mention individuality first. Because without individuality, it is not possible to make ourselves suitable for a task just as we do not have a relationship with individuality.

What I Covered

  1. Freelance Career Basic Knowledge
  2. Building Yourself Fit For A Freelance Career
  3. Proper Guidance For Starting A Freelance Career
  4. Best Platform For Starting Your Freelance Career
  5. Suggestions For Starting your Freelance Journey

Freelance Career Basic Knowledge

We need to be aware of certain things before we start our freelance career because if we don’t have any knowledge about those things, we will face a variety of problems in the future so that we don’t face any problems in the future so we’ll prepare ourselves in advance. We have to keep in mind that in the world of freelancing careers, I am not only alone but there are many like me who are up to make their careers so if I have to be a very good quality designer, content writer or anything out of them, I have to make myself efficient in advance.

I always have to remember that my skills will take me to the top of everyone and in that case I have to prepare myself very well for that. Since the competition is very high and the number of competitor in this competition is not too low and I have to showcase my talent from this. That is why we can often face problems like that, we may not be getting work from a client despite knowing a lot of good work. Then we should not break down but we have to move forward with a strong mind only then we can stand in life.

I always have to remember that I will be responsible for strengthening my freelance career. If I myself want me to be established in life only through this freelancing career and if I break down in the middle of the road, I will never be able to stand myself so that we are aware in advance so that this does not cause problems.

Building Yourself Fit For A Freelance Career

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So we’ve discussed some basic knowledge of freelance careers so now we’ll discuss how we can strengthen our freelance career and represent our career in front of everyone as an advance freelancer. Since we are very new to the world of freelance, no client will recognize us on online freelancing platforms because they don’t know how skilled I am in my field or profession and in offline no production house or production designing company will know how skilled I am in my work. So first of all we have to create our own portfolio to share our skills with everyone.

And in this case we have to remember one thing that if we can build our portfolio with the passion and love we have for our work, then anyone will like the work of that portfolio. Many may think that everyone has love for work but there should also be a matter of dedicating ourselves to the love I am talking about here. Only then can we decorate our portfolio beautifully. Because we have to remember that since we are new to building freelance careers, there is little chance of getting work. So a very good quality portfolio will help us get 100% of the work or project. So we need to focus to build our portfolio.

Tips For Making A Portfolio

For Graphic Designer

Now I’ll give you some suggestions in making this portfolio. Suppose you’re a very good designer and you’ve made yourself well for this design career. Now you’re going to build your portfolio. Create your portfolio and now you share that portfolio you’ve made with some local designer who will understand what your quality is like! Take their feedback this time. See if there’s anything wrong with your design! Then you fix them and show them again.

One of the most important things about creating graphic design portfolios is making PDF. If we can make pdf of our portfolio, our presentation will be very beautiful. In this case we will first share which sections of graphic design we will work on and we will create our portfolio accordingly.

To create any portfolio, first we will tell the client about ourselves what kind of work I do and how long I have experienced. Then we will say which sections we work on in graphic design. Suppose we work on T-shirt design, illustration, character design or branding, then we will set each part separately and make a PDF file on it.

For Content Writer

Suppose you want to be a good quality content writer and you want to build your career on content writing. Then if you want to write unique content, you need to have a very good understanding of the appropriate use of language and proper use of grammar in your content. Only if you can use them properly can you create a unique content for your portfolio Presentation. You can also take the help of grammar correction software.

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Clearly clear language usage should be observed in content writing because it is always important to remember that clients often prefer content in simple languages to complex languages. So we will always remember that our content is less used in complex languages and at the same time we need to remember that languages are very beautiful and very nice to listen to in our content.

For Web Developer

If I choose web development as my freelance career, I have to learn web-development very well. Because in this case I have to create themes through a variety of coding that if my client takes them from me and uploads them to their servers, they can load quickly and increase the client’s confidence in me. This type of work also create a unique impression for me to the client and this will also boost my career.

Suppose we are going to create a custom WordPress theme. So in that case we have to remember that the theme should be very customized and the theme should not use additional HTML, CSS or additional JavaScript. Because using extra HTML, CSS, JavaScript makes the themes heavier. Then it will take a long time to take load and our impression to the client will be bad.

Proper Guidance For Starting A Freelance Career

We need to follow some guidance in building freelance careers. Following these guidance slots will help us stand up to our careers. And if we don’t follow these guidance properly, it will be a lot of pressure for us to get work. There are usually two scopes for creating freelance carriers. One is online work, another is offline work. In online work, we know that there are many platforms through which we can get work from all over the world. And we can take work from local designers in offline work.

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The most important thing about building a freelance career is to set our own skills. Because if we are not skilled in our work, we will not be able to work well for clients. And it is not always that the client will give us very simple and easy work. We must come across a variety of complex and difficult tasks. We must always keep ourselves ready for such situations. So that we always have to prepare for the field where I work, Let me do it properly and win the client’s heart.

If we talk about online work, we will see that we have to set cover letter to work on the world’s largest freelancing platform as upWork. This cover letter is a one-off proposal. Through this proposal, we will express to the client how efficient we are in that particular work. So the better the use of our expression through cover letter, the higher the chance of catching any project.

Best Platform For Starting Your Freelance Career

Here are two platforms for creating freelance carriers, the most popular of which is upwork and the second is fiverr. They are very popular for their services but the working style of the two platforms is very different.

Upwork Freelance Career

Upwork is a proposal based platform and fiverr is a Gig based platform that means to work in upwork, we have to send the proposal to get work. It’s very much up to yourself to get work on the upwork if our proposal is very beautifully written or our portfolio presentation is very nice, then any client will easily give us work from here. But to work here, one thing to keep in mind is that when we read about client projects, it is as if my own opinion is written on who is looking at that work in our cover letter.

But this client will understand that I have well analysis of his work and based on that i have written this cover letter to him. This will make it much easier to get work. Also if our portfolio The presentation matches that task very well but in that case there is a 100% chance of getting work.

Pros Of Upwork Freelance Career

We can get a lot of work here at the same time. Here we don’t have to wait long for a single work because whenever a client posts a job then shortly after the cover letter is sent, the client’s replay comes.

Cons Of Upwork Freelance Career

To work on upwork, we have to send the proposal and use the connect every time for sending that proposal. Usually upwork’s low budget projects are required two connects for each project and six connects are required in high budget projects. So if the connect is over, we can’t apply for any more work. But yes, I said about the free version. If anyone buy connects with money then the situation is totally different. Every time we have to analysis the work and write a new cover letter to a client which is boring.

Fiverr Freelance Career

The way fiverr works is different but the role of fiverr in building a freelance carrier is very high here. It is a little difficult to get the first job but once you starts getting later the platform always give you very good number of projects. But to work here we don’t have to send any cover letter or proposal to our client. Here we already have templates like proposal or cover letter to fill them and if the client likes the template he definitely give us work.

Pros Of Fiverr Freelance Career

Once the gig is made, there is no need to make it again and again and from one gig we can get a lot of work.

Cons Of Fiverr Freelance Career

Sometimes It takes a lot of time to get work that making it a little different from other freelancing platforms.

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Suggestions For Starting your Freelance Journey

We always have to remember that to build a great freelance career, we have to face a variety of obstacles and problems, so we must always keep ourselves prepared for all these obstacles and problems. We must remember that we should not break down under any circumstances because if we break down, we will not be able to reach our destination. As a freelancer you can read about fiverr which is a zero investment platform to boost your success. I have written a post about fiverr that how can you start your journey through fiverr.

It is a challenge to establish our career and for this we have to remember that to build a career, we must give priority to our skills. With this skill we have to dedicate ourselves to work. We need more dedication and perseverance. If we can do it right, we can reach our destination. So thats all for today I hope you understand my points.

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