Fiverr Pro and Fiverr: Want to know the best and No 1 Tips, Tricks, SEO to earn more!

Today I’m going to share the most important information about Fiverr pro and Fiverr. Fiverr pro and Fiverr both are actually freelancer platforms free of cost where designers, developers, or content writers can get jobs from all over the world. Not only for designers or developers, but there are also lots of other categories are available to work. The basic project starts from $5, thus why it is called Fiverr.

Fiverr pro
Fiverr Pro and Fiverr

Fiverr and Fiverr Pro Gigs: How it works

Fiver and Fiverr Pro are both gig-based platforms that mean you don’t need a cover letter or offer letter to apply for a client’s project. That’s pretty cool for a freelancer of Fiverr. Basically, a gig means your offer to a client. A gig showcases your work and working process full of details like project details, quality of work, time, and many other things.

Every gig for Fiverr or Fiverr pro offers three types of jobs to a client from “Basic” to “Premium“. The gig is created by the freelancer. Fiverr’s basic gig Catagory offers a base version of your work and the Premium gig category offers the premium version of your work. The price range also varies from “Basic” to “Premium”. The price is high for a Premium Fiverr or Fiverr pro gig and it’s more suitable for a client.

Gig always shows your skills to a client what you offer to them and client have to choose. If the client likes the freelancer’s work then he hires directly by Fiverr. The freelancer can also set custom gigs as per client requirements.

What is Fiverr Pro?

Fiverr Pro is the advanced form of Fiverr and is more different from Fiverr. The term “pro” is used here for the top level of quality of work as well as service. Every individual can be a Fiverr seller but not a Fiverr pro seller. It’s really very difficult to get the tag of Pro beside Fiverr. From every 100 freelancers, only 1 gets the tag of pro based on his quality of work and service.

Fiverr pro status
Fiverr pro-Earn Status

How to earn Fiverr Pro status!

To earn the tag Fiverr pro you have to follow different things according to your profile. You need to maintain your profile. Now I’m telling you what are those very very important thing, you have to maintain to get get the badge Fiverr pro.

  • You need to always maintain your quality of work.
  • Always try to maintain the Response rate, Order completion, on time delivery and positive rating to 100 %
  • Your seller level must be upgraded which can identify that you’re a professional freelancer of fiverr.
  • Experience with excellence also plays a big role here.
  • You should always provide top level service to your client to get the fiverr pro badge.

Seo of Fiverr and Fiverr Pro: optimize your gig

There are thousands of freelancers are available for doing the same project on Fiverr. so we can easily think that the competition is too high. when a client tries to hire a freelancer. Suppose a client is looking for a graphic designer, he just searches in the search bar “graphic design” and then on the first page the client will see some “Graphic designer” as per his requirement if the client goes to the next page and next page, he will find many other freelancers on Fiverr.

Fiverr Pro and Fiverr: Want to know the best and No 1 Tips, Tricks, SEO to earn more!
Fiverr Seo

so we have a question in our mind if a Fiverr or Fiverr pro’s freelancer gig ranks on the 4th, 5th, or 6th page then can he get a project? The answer is almost “No”. Even the gig of Fiverr or Fiverr pro ranks on the second page, the freelancer has a 60% chance to get a project. why does this happen? The answer is “SEO”.

Search Engine algorithm of Fiverr and Fiverr pro

Basic Fiverr and advance Fiverr pro both has their own “search engine system”. The algorithm depends on the optimization of gigs. The more a freelancer optimize his gigs, the more chance the freelancer gets to rank his gig on the first page.

How to optimize a gig of Fiverr or Fiverr pro!

Fiverr Pro gig rank on 1st page
Rank Your Gig

A freelancer optimizes his gigs by proper “tags”. By highlighting portfolio images and pdfs a freelancer can optimize his gigs. The more visitor clicks on the gig, the more chance we get to rank the gig on the first page. Try to focus on quality, not quantity.

Suppose you are a Fiverr pro freelancer so you can deliver great quality work with great quantity at a very reasonable cost. As a responsible freelancer, always try to maintain the time frame and also the response time. This will help you to rank your gig on the first page.

Rank your Fiverr pro gig in foreign countries

Suppose you’re a great artist, a great graphic designer, and always try to focus on a particular festival or theme, then you need to take special care of your gigs. Suppose you’re working on “Halloween” then you have to remember, this festival is not for Asian countries, it’s for European countries like the USA.

So if you focus on the particular gig, you need to also focus on that particular country.
I’m going to give you some tips on how to rank your gigs in foreign countries. Actually, the ranking depends on your gig title and gig tags.

Always try to indicate the country in your particular gig’s title and tags where you want to show. This will definitely work for you as a Fiverr pro seller.

Focus on the project

Always try to focus on your project. If you’re able to give quality content to your client then you don’t need to wait for new jobs. Every satisfied client will recommend you and this recommendation will build SEO for your gigs. If a client gives you a bad review then it will definitely give your profile bad input.

Focus on your Fiverr pro project
Focus on the project

Try to think what is your best skill! Then create a gig based on your skill. After that provide great quality work to your client and earn good feedback.

Is Fiverr Safe?

Yes, Fiverr or Fiverr pro both are 100 % safe for sellers as well as buyers. Fiverr is totally a legit and genuine freelancing platform to make money.

Is Fiverr good for beginners ? is it free?

Yes, Fiverr is really a good platform for new freelancers. There is no hidden charge for creating new accounts or creating gigs. Actually, it’s totally free but there are several tests available which are paid for and after completing the test you will get a badge. The badge will display your skill and excellence.

Advantages of Fiverr and Fiverr pro

Fiverr pro and Fiverr difference
Advantages and disadvantages of Fiverr and Fiverr pro

We can easily find out top and great advantages from Fiverr and Fiverr pro like

You don’t need to write and send a cover letter to a client for getting a project. To write and send a cover letter to different clients is a very boring and lengthy process.

Chatting with clients before the hire is not mandatory.

A client can directly hire you by buying your gig.

You can get more than one project at the same time.

The time frame, the adjustments are depending on you. You can charge extra for fast delivery and additional adjustments and these options you can set in your Fiverr or Fiverr pro gig’s template.

The competition is very less in Fiverr pro as compare to Fiverr. This is also one kind of advantage for Fiverr’s freelancer who got the status pro. These are the top advantages of Fiverr and Fiverr pro.

Disadvantages of Fiverr and Fiverr pro

There are some disadvantages of Fiverr and Fiverr pro also. Those are given below

After creating gigs, you have to wait for jobs for both Fiverr and Fiverr pro.

You’re a great graphic designer and you have a great portfolio but you’re unable to get a job because you’re new. but in the bidding platform, the situation is different.

The processing fees and service cost of Fiverr and Fiverr pro is too high and it’s 20% of your project value.

The withdrawal processing time is also taking too much time for Asian countries.

The number of clients for hiring a Fiverr pro freelancer is less because the Fiverr pro seller (freelancer) charges too much because a Fiverr pro freelancer knows that the competition is very low.

On the other side, the number of clients for hiring a standard Fiverr freelancer is more than Fiverr pro but competition is very high.


How much you can earn from Fiverr?

This is one of the most asking questions from all new freelancers. How much they can earn! The answer is very simple, you can earn unlimited money from Fiverr. The answer is weird but it’s true. You can earn too much money from Fiverr as well as Fiverr pro.

Actually, there are no boundaries. If you’re too much serious about your profession Fiverr and Fiverr Pro is the right choice to earn money.

Is Fiverr or Fiverr pro the right place for work from jobs?

Yes, the Fiverr platform is the right place for work from home jobs. You don’t need to go anywhere for completing a Fiverr pro job or Fiverr job. You can do your jobs from your home and there is no particular office time to complete the job. That means you’re your own boss. Your home is your own office.

When the whole world is fighting against the covid-19 situation, where people are afraid of losing their jobs, facing salary problems, Fiverr is the best option for work from home.
There are no payment problems. It’s really a secure and genuine platform for all new and old freelancers.

Tips and Tricks to get a job from Fiverr?

Fiverr tips and tricks
Tips and Tricks to get a job from Fiverr

Here I want to share my own opinion for getting the first job and also constant job on Fiverr and Fiverr pro. The tips are given below

Find the right title for your gig, check the competition as a buyer. If you log in to your Fiverr account then you can easily see an option which calls ” switch to buyer mode”. Just go to buyer mode and check the competition

Depending on the competition customize your title and tags again then again check. Find out the competition increases or decreases, it decreases then it’s a great option to take the title, tag, and implement it to your gig permanently.

Always add a great portfolio or showcase your skills in your gig. This will help you to get a new project.

Create some questions for your client which will clear the doubts of your client.

Setting a cheap price for your service is not always attract your client. Also sometimes it creates a bad impression in your client’s mind. Always set a reasonable price for your service and the price may be lower but not cheap.

What is impression and clicks on Fiverr?

When you create and submit a gig for your Fiverr account, Every gig generates impressions and clicks. Impression means how many clients see your gigs in their search results and click means how many of them click on your gigs to see the offer you are providing.

Tips: Try to write a great and attractive gig description and don’t copy other’s gig details. If you do this then every visitor will be your client.

What to avoid on Fiverr account

There are some bad steps to avoid on the Fiverr account.

Never write or use any kind of false information in your gig or in profile details that is against Fiverr’s terms and conditions.

Always try to show good behavior to your client. because positive feedback is very very important to build your Fiverr profile.

Be honest and don’t be greedy. Always try to implement your words into your service which you wrote in your gig.

Try to complete your project on time. This will help you to build your profile.

How to maintain a Fiverr or Fiverr pro account?

Fiverr account
How to maintain a Fiverr or Fiverr pro account

Maintain a Fiverr account is not too hard. It’s very simple if you follow my steps and do this regularly.

  1. Always take a maximum 15 days gap for your new gig ranking. That’s means after creating a gig you should wait a maximum of 15 days to check the SEO. That’s mean the impressions and clicks.

2. If you see that a good amount of impressions or clicks is not coming on your particular gig, then you need to improve your gig title, description, and tags

3. All we know that there is an online and offline mode available in Fiverr or Fiverr pro. Always try to stay online in your Fiverr or Fiverr pro account for at least 2 to 3 hours per day. You can’t imagine how this boosts your Fiverr or Fiverr pro profile.

4. If you left your gigs for a long time then your gig’s SEO score will definitely decrease. So try to stay online in your account and just open your gig, scroll down, and back. This will help you to improve the gig performance against other freelancers.

5. After completing a job try to send one or two images of your final work to your client. This will automatically add to your particular gig.

So thats all for today I hope you have got a clear view about this post.

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