How to Find Best Freelance video production jobs: 7 Tips to start your career

Do you want to earn money by video production as a freelancer! If you think, then this is the right place for you. Because I’m going to share with you the most valuable information about freelance video production jobs which may change your economical weakness easily.

Here I’m not going to share tricks or tips to get a video production job. Here I’m going to share almost everything about the Video production life of a freelancer like the scope of work, time, earning, video production platforms, and many more.

Freelance video production jobs
Freelance Video Production Jobs

Freelance Video production job scopes

Nowadays freelance video production job is a very popular work. Before going too deep on this topic I want to say that if you’re familiar with video production or video editing then there is a huge opportunity waiting for you. Almost every digital marketing section video production job is waiting and this is a huge scope for a freelancer who wants to work as a video production manager. Not only in digital marketing, social media, content creation, gaming industry, online streaming platform everywhere freelancer needed for video production. Now you can easily think how much huge work you can find as a video production freelance manager or editor.

Skills for freelance video editing or production jobs?

First, take this freelance production of video as a passion. Then go for earning. Finding freelance video editing or production jobs is not difficult but the difficult thing is to implement your artistic skills into your passion. At first, focus on your mind and ask yourself that how much effort you can pay for your passion. Because if you only came here to earn money as a video production manager then you can’t continue. You have to love your work and spend your full effort on your goal. If you are new in this field then you have to earn lots of knowledge and experience and you can earn it from an instructor from different sources.

What is a freelance video production job?

A person who is highly skilled in video editing or producing and works alone for clients or companies, then this is called a freelance video production job. There are many freelancing sites available for freelance video production jobs and there are also many social media sites available for freelance video production jobs. An individual client or company can hire a freelancer for their video production jobs. This is not a salary-based platform. A client or a company pays his freelancer based on their video production job details. If the job is too difficult then the price is higher and if the job is standard type then the price for a video production job is average.

Post and positions of freelance video production jobs

Post and positions of freelance video production jobs
Post and positions of freelance video production jobs

As I already told you that the scope of work is huge that’s means the post, position, and scope of work of freelance video production are not less. Now the question is what type of task you have to do for video production. There are a number of tasks and positions available for video production or freelance. Some of them are given below.

  1. Assistant for freelance video production.
  2. Freelance video editor
  3. Online streaming platform video production.
  4. Hosting video as a freelance video producer
  5. Video game trailer editor as a freelance video producer.
  6. Freelance writer for digital entertainment
  7. Video content creator for music production suite
  8. Video animator
  9. Freelance video operator.
  10. 2d/3d motion graphics producer
  11. Promotional Video editor
  12. VFX/ CGI animation and transition editor

So these are the jobs of freelance video production which you can hold as a freelance video editor or producer.

Overview Of freelance video production jobs

You are a freelancer that means all the video production jobs are part-time based or you have to work with an estimated duration of time like 5 months or 1 year. The estimated weekly hours may be 40 to 50 hours depending on your project category.

Responsibilities of freelance video production jobs

Responsibilities of freelance video production jobs
Responsibilities of freelance video production jobs

Freelance video production is a very responsible job. Top companies or individual clients can hire you that’s mean you have to responsible for your work. Now we will discuss the responsibilities.

  1. You have to edit original digital video.
  2. Quality color grading with graphics editing
  3. You have to create original graphics
  4. As a freelance video producer you have to execute new original video concepts
  5. If you are hired as a freelance video production head of a company then you have to assist other video editors.
  6. You have to earn good ability to quickly understand any hard moment during video production.
  7. You have to demonstrate complex projects.
  8. When you apply for freelance video production jobs, think how much effort you can give and how much strong knowledge you have for that particular job.
  9. If your role is freelance video producer then sometimes you have to edit highlight packages in real time.
  10. Intense imagination and creativity for the video production project .

Requirements of Company or client?

At first, before hiring you, a hiring manager of a company or a client wants to see your portfolio presentation. To create a presentation with your quality work. After that, you can apply for work. They actually want from basic to advance.

Basic to advance means? When a client hires you he askes some basic to advance requirements or qualifications like

  1. Bachelor’s degree in that equivalent field.
  2. Working experience of 1 year to maximum 3 years
  3. Ability to bring creativity into your work.
  4. Expert in any environment and have quick ability to solve any project related issue.
  5. Original video production concepts which can easily attract others
  6. Sense of humor and passion for doing high quality work
  7. Excellent collaboration skills and good communication skills with other freelancer or worker.

Where you can find freelance video production jobs?

Where you can find freelance video production jobs?
Where you can find freelance video production jobs

You can find freelance video production jobs from different places. There are many social media sites available where you can find freelance video production jobs. Also, there are many freelancing sites available where you can find video production jobs. You can also find video production jobs on a freelance job portal. There are a number of sources are available where you can find video production jobs. So finding a video production job is not a very hard task. Sending quality work to your client is a tough task and you have to maintain it.

Freelance platforms
Freelance Job Portals

Now if I going to the main topic that where you can find quality work with the low competition then I’ll definitely suggest you go for social media sites or remote freelance job portals.

The remote job portal is the best freelance platform for video production jobs.

On freelance sites, you can create your account and showcase your robust portfolio. After seeing your portfolio client will hire you. Some freelancing site offers their freelancer to send a cover letter to their clients to grab a video production project. But if you look into the remote freelance job portal then you can easily contact the company directly. So here any kind of 3rd party vendor is not needed who takes a commission of your earning.

How much you can earn by video production as a freelancer?

How much you can earn by video production as a freelancer?
Make Money By Freelancing

I have seen different freelance sites as well as social media and remote freelance job provider’s sites. You will be very glad to know that the digit is very high. From intermediate to expert all freelancers earn too much decent money. Thus why I can guarantee you that you can change your lifestyle with this project.

 An intermediate freelancer charges $35 to $40 per hour for their work. But this is different for an expert freelancer. An expert freelancer can charge $65 to $100 per hour for a video production project. As quickly you gain your experience that’s mean you’re going to earn a huge amount of money.

 Creativity is the main key factor of success so be creative. If you have enough imagination and creativity power then you can easily bet another freelancer.

But I’ll recommend you don’t charge too much for any video production project. Always charge a little bit lower for your work. This will create a good impression in your client’s mind. In the future, this impression will help you to gain and boost your profile.

If you do this above which I said then you can ask me how this gains or boosts your profile! The answer is very simple. If you’re able to provide quality content at a reasonable price then your client will definitely happy and tell you to do another project for him. Even the client has no work for you then he will recommend others to work with you. So this is one of the best reasons to work at a reasonable price.

But you don’t need to follow these steps all time. After establishing your profile and the client circle, you can increase your rate.

Not only an hourly project but there are many fixed-price projects are also available. The amount of fixed-price projects varies from $400 to $1000 and more. So if you are hired for a fixed price project then you can also earn a good amount of money.

A freelance video production job is not a very short-term job. It’s a very long-term project. This type of job’s duration starts from a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 3 years. So you can easily think that you don’t need to find a freelance video production job again and again after hired by a company or client.

Freelance Video production courses

Freelance Video production courses
Freelance Video production courses

There are many courses available for a new freelancer who wants to be a video production editor. You can also found lots of free courses on the internet. Try to learn from basic to advance. If your basic is too strong then you can easily learn the advanced course.

You can also learn freelance video production courses by seeing online videos. There is a lot of instructors available on the internet who provide good and quality course to their students with free of cost.

If you learn from scratch then you will be able to handle the advanced part of video production. You can also learn video production by reading video course e-books.

Freelance Video production assets

You don’t need to invest millions of money for buying types of equipment for freelance video production jobs. You just need a good pc that can render fast, a camera set up if a client is unable to send you raw video footage, a good portfolio for showcasing your quality work on video production. So these are the basic types of equipment needed for freelance video production. After that, you have to put your full effort and concentration into your work and also dedicate yourself to your passion.

Start your own freelance video production company

Start your own freelance video production company
Start your own freelance video production company

This will be your ultimate aim of freelance video production. You can start your own company also. The sound is difficult to hear. But it’s true. There are many freelancers available who started their own business as a freelance video production company.

The road is not easy to get success. You have to provide quality content to your client or companies if you impress them then you’re able to get lots of work from the company as well as a client. If you are creative and you have good artistic skills then you will get lots of video production jobs. But you’re unable to do that because you’re alone. That’s mean you need more freelancer for your project. This is the time to build your company. It may be small but you can generate a very good amount of money after giving your salary to your freelancer. This way you can earn too much.

The more you complete projects the more your company can gain its reputation. After that most of your clients will give you good feedback and your company will earn profit. So you can imagine that freelance video production jobs or companies both are profitable. After working 3 or 4 years as a freelancer you can start your own freelance video production company.


I have covered almost everything in my post. If you read my post seriously and follow my steps carefully then you can definitely earn success in your life. You should remember one thing that the competition is high but the scope of work is also high. So don’t worry about it. You just need smart work. You can also check other video producer’s work to know how they work. These steps will definitely help you to gain success. Be creative and passionate about your work. That’s all for today. I hope you’ll like my post. If my post helps you 1% then please share it with others and also comment below if any questions arise in your mind.

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