How to Become Freepik Contributor: Best 5 steps To Follow

What Is Freepik Contributor ?

Today I’m going to tell you about how to become Freepik contributor easily and how to earn a huge amount of money by selling vectors, PSDs, and your images globally. As a skillful designer, you may think about why you invest your valuable time in this platform! because there are many zero investment freelance platforms are present like Fiverr or Upwork, where you can earn a very decent amount of money from graphic design. So why did you choose Freepik! But before starting the main topic I want to share an overview of Freepik and Its contributor.

Freepik is a graphic resource platform where you can find free and premium vectors, PSDs, or Images. The free version does not need a subscription but the premium version needs a monthly subscription.

It’s actually a huge platform for graphic resources. You can find and download millions of vectors or PSDs or images from Freepik. But you can easily imagine that this huge number of designs or graphics can’t be created by a few of Freepik’s own designers. So the Freepik team added a new section for creative and skillful individual designers which is “Freepik Contributor”.

be a freepik contributor
How To Become a Freepik Contributor

I don’t want to use the word “hiring” because this is not a hiring position. You have to apply for this position by submitting your graphic resources.

How To Apply For Freepik Contributor?

To apply for Freepik Contributor is not a very hard task. But the harder thing is to get “approved by Freepik”. I’m a Freepik contributor thus why I know the steps you should follow before applying. Also additionally I want to say another thing you definitely remember before applying and that is you must be a skillful designer and your design must be attractive, eye-catching and copyright-free (Your own design).

freepik contributor dashboard
How To Become Freepik Contributor Graph

You may find a question in your mind that is attractive design is required for applying? The answer is ‘No’. There is a lot of graphics you can find on Freepik which is not too much attractive so why attractive design is required. Attractive design is required to get downloaded by users and more downloads mean more money you can earn.

Actually, Freepik pays their contributor for downloading graphic resources. So more downloads mean more money. So I told you to create an attractive design. Now I’m going to share the step-by-step guide for applying as a Freepik Contributor.

Step By Step Guide For Applying As A Freepik Contributor?

Step By Step Guide For Applying As A Freepik Contributor
Step By Step Guide For Applying As A Freepik Contributor

If you’re a designer, new to Freepik, and want to work as a Freepik Contributor then the below information can help you. Just follow my steps and you can be a successful Freepik Contributor.


A designer who wants to be a Freepik Contributor must be unique in his design field. First, you select your strong design category then create 20 unique and eye-catching designs. Why I told you to create 20 designs because this is Freepik’s primary requirement to apply for a new Freepik Contributor.

2.Great Preview Image

Freepik Contributor guideline says to submit preview images for every resource you create. This is also a vital part of a designer. Always put your effort into creating engaging and fascinating preview images because this is the showcase of your skills. If you’re able to create creative preview images based on your vectors or PSDs, then you can grab more users. But remember the preview image and the source file (Vector or PSD) must be the same. That’s mean the attractiveness of the preview image is fully dependent on the main source file. So the more attractive the source file means the more attractive the preview image.

3.Font Selection

Font selection is an important part of a Freepik Contributor. Select a perfect font for your perfect design. There are different types of fonts available on the internet. Some of them belong to a cursive family, some of them are horror font or simple regular font or technical font, etc. As a designer, you must know which font is suitable for which graphic design! Suppose you’re working on a technical project and you’ve used cursive or horror font for your design so it never suits the design.

It’s just basic knowledge and I know a designer knows how to use a font. An attractive font boosts your design and makes your design alive. But remember one thing, not all your design is suitable with the font. So use a font where it is necessary and ignore it if it is not necessary.

4.Layers And Composition Management

Layer management is very important for applying as a Freepik Contributor. When layers or groups of layers are arranged properly then it is called well composed. This is also called composition management.

If you’re a designer and work on the Adobe platform then you must know that how layers or Composition work.

When a designer work on a design and wants to create a perfect graphic for his client then smooth editing or adjustment purpose he divided his design into different layers and each layer contains a specific part of the design.

The layers also take their own position accordingly to the designer. Suppose your layers of a submitted design are unable to express the steps clearly or have a very poor arrangement of layers or Composition then you will be rejected.

5.Copyright Free Graphic

You decided to be a Freepik Contributor and you want to submit the first 20 designs but before creating the first 20 designs, you must remember one thing in your mind that don’t copy or use or upgrade another designer’s resource for submitting purposes.

Why I’m saying that is because the Freepik Contributor department has its own graphic source identification software and the Freepik Contributor team manually checks the submitted design also. You must be caught if you do that and if you are caught you will never get a second chance for applying as a Freepik Contributor So you must aware of this.

So these are the steps you should follow before applying.

Now I’m going to discuss the graphic content type and requirements

Content Requirements

I have already said that a graphic designer or a professional photographer can apply as a Freepik Contributor. Freepik has some guidelines or you can say it requirements regarding uploading vectors, PSDs, and Images and a designer or photographer needs to follow the guideline before uploading any resources.

freepik contributor content requirements
Content Requirements
Software/DeviceBased on Adobe IllustratorBased on Adobe PhotoshopYour preferred camera
Software VersionAdobe CS6 or later version required. Adobe CS6 or later version required. No Software version is required.
File Quantity20 files20 files20 files
File Format.EPS format required for final submission..PSD format required for final submission..JPG format required for final submission.
File ResolutionPreview Image files resolution will be minimum 2000px * 2000px (Height * Width) to maximum 10000px * 10000px (Height * Width) Same As VectorsSame as Vectors
File Name.EPS and preview image file name must be the same after saving like if the vector file name is halloween.eps then the preview image file name will be halloween.jpg .PSD and preview image file name must be the same after saving like if the PSD file name is halloween.psd then the preview image file name will be halloween.jpg Not required
File SizeThe Maximum Uploaded file size is 80 MBMinimum 1.5 MB and Maximum 250 MBMinimum 1.5 MB file size required
Color SchemeYour. EPS file must be created in RGB color.Your. PSD file must be created on Photoshop specified RGB or Adobe RGB color.Same as PSDs
TitlesYou have to use titles in the preview image file.You also have to use titles in the preview image file. You have to use titles in the preview file.
TagsUse tags in the preview image file. Use tags in the preview image file. Same as Vectors or PSDs

So these are the content requirements for applying as a Freepik Contributor. You must follow the above guidelines.

Freepik Contributor Rejection

There are various factors that can be a reason for the rejection. Actually, the Freepik team is very serious about their contributor. They follow every single step of a designer and this is really a natural part for a Freepik Contributor. Let’s discuss the Freepik Contributor’s rejection reasons.

Is fabricated content is the reason for rejection?

Don’t use other designers’ resource files. You may think if you upgrade or reuse another designer’s content then Freepik can’t catch you but the theory is totally wrong. The Freepik team can easily catch you and your profile would be banned permanently.

Is composition error is the reason for rejection?

Yes, this can be the reason for the rejection of a Freepik Contributor. I already told you about composition. Now I’m going to tell you again that if you’ve created a design with the poor composition I mean when the vector’s, PSD’s or photo’s arrangements and cropping are not right and the Freepik Contributor team found arrangement issues in your vectors and photos then your designs or photos must be rejected.

unusual floating effect
composition error

Is low focus on visuals is the reason for rejection?

Yes, this may be the reason for Freepik contributor rejection but what is the pure visual focus? visual focus or visual weight is a term that determines how much clearer your graphic expresses itself to viewers. Suppose you’re creating a graphic that is a fish is on a table so you must focus on the fish, not the table cloths or plates.

Suppose you have created 6 cute girl’s face vectors in a single background and 4 of them are bigger in size as compared to the other 2. That’s mean it’s an adjustment error which is also called visual composition error and this must be the reason for rejection of the Freepik Contributor.

unusual placement and size
low focus on visuals

Bad placement of graphics or text is also a visual composition arrangement issue for rejection.

Can typography be a reason for rejection?

Typography is used to create an attractive and creative design so if your typography color combination is not good or you mix it up with background then you definitely be rejected and you can’t be a Freepik contributor.

So those are the reason for rejection. If you are able to overcome this situation then you got approved by the management team of Freepik contributors.

Image quality issue is the reason for rejection?

As a Freepik contributor, you have to create a high-resolution preview image for your source file. Suppose your graphic source file is ok and well composed but the preview image’s resolution is not good and unclear then your Freepik Contributor application will be rejected. Actually, the reason behind this situation is, the preview image is unable to clarify the main source file (Vectors or PSDs). So this situation will create a bad impression on Freepik users’ minds and Freepik strickly ignores this situation.


Without sign up how many free resources I can download per day?

If you want to download free resources without sign up then you can download only 3 resources per day. No matter how big the file is.

How many free resources a registered user can download ?

A registered user can download 10 free resources. If you download the same file again and again then it would not count.

How many resources a premium user can download?

A premium user can download 100 resources per day. Here if you also download any same file again and again then it would not count.

What is the benefit of a premium subscription?

In one word there is no boundary to download anything from Freepik’s premium Subscription. Premium contents are more attractive so you can play with creativity.

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