Graphic Design is my Passion – All About the meme, best 2022 meme

Graphic Design is my Passion – All About the meme 2022

Graphic design is my passion is an incredible meme in the history of memes. Unbelievable but the truth is the image that contains the meme, outlined in the workplace. Designers would not stop laughing after seeing this image. So you can easily understand how much attraction the “Graphic design is my passion” meme catch from the designer.

Graphic design is my passion is a unique meme that is very popular in the graphic design industry. Numerous designers want to know where the graphic design is my passion ‘image’, the graphic design is my passion ‘meme’ came from or who the graphic design is my passion meme ‘created’, what it implies, and sometimes even how to reproduce or recreate the meme with proper layout.

Graphic design is my passion
Image of Graphic Design is my Passion – All About the meme 2022

Graphic Design is My Passion – Meme Overview

You don’t need to look further because I’m going to share the main overview of this graphic design is my passion meme. If I ask you a simple question that how a freelance designer creates a perfect design then what answer should come to your mind! You definitely say freelancer graphic designers are very very passionate about their work. They enjoy their work. They perfectly do graphic design internships or courses before entering the career. They can combine real and unreal with insight through colorful designing skills and this is the reality.

Graphic design is my passion
Graphic Design is My Passion – Meme OverView

You can also say, they can feel the emotion. They have internal eyes of visuals which they achieve through expertise. They have many years of working experience. They do practice and their dedication, inspiring thought, learning, using of the great combination of fonts, and also proper using of designing tools are responsible for their creative and successful design.

But for a beginner who has some basic editing skills on CorelDraw, InDesign, or Photoshop, doesn’t have a strong working knowledge, and also has low designing platform knowledge then the fact is totally different.

Actually, by saying graphic design is my passion, it sarcastically indicating designers. The sentence graphic design is my passion is never used for a professional purpose because it is used as a meme. To target a designer differently is the primary aim of this meme.

Some designer does their graphic design in an apathetic way. They are unable to develop amazing graphic content. They didn’t follow the proper steps and proper process as well as time. Also, they’re unable to focus on the feelings that clients want into the graphic content. They did not care about the quality of arts, vector layers, overused texts, and color. So as a result the design has a major funny output that can’t be considered and expected. At that moment this graphic design is my passion, the meme originated.

Don’t worry I’ll share the tutorials, also the templates with pics and also told you which is not true about graphic design.

Graphic Design is my Passion- Meme Explanation

I personally think that the meme “Graphic Design Is My Passion” is totally depending on fun but it has some internal meaning. Do you know where graphic design is my passion meme involved? A person who doesn’t know how to design a bird but tried to design the bird intentionally and created a funny cartoon outline, there the meme involved. Also, some designers do funny mistakes in their design.

Low design skills and low designing software knowledge is the reason for bad design. Here is also the meme involved. So actually this meme is used for the purpose of sarcasm to designers. Graphic design is my passion meme, there are inherent meanings that make a designer not only in sarcastic situations but also in laughter situations. And that’s why it created a trending situation in the internet world. It was first revealed by Tumblr and from there it gradually spread to the whole Internet world. Since then it has become so popular in the graphic design profession.

Related photos of these memes are published on the Internet that no one can stop laughing at them. The purpose of this meme is not just to laugh because many graphic design companies keep these meme-related images in their office for a long time. So designers look at it from a different perspective. Many may think that there is no underlying meaning in this meme but that idea is wrong if viewed with a deep view, many underlying meanings will be found within that meme. And by the way, this meme is so trending and so popular that there is no doubt in the mind of any visual artists or ordinary man.

Graphic design is my passion
Graphic Design is My Passion – Meme Explanation

The image that was used in this meme was not awkward, there was only a laughing frog that used graphics as a smoky or foggy environment in the background, and on the one hand, graphic design is my passion the sentence is used. Interestingly, that image is so much viral on Tumblr, Reddit, blog as well as social sites, and this meme gets acquainted with the graphic designer and subsequently has a lot of versions of this meme created later, and those also get popularity.

Graphic Design Is My Passion- Meme Reveal

Now we will discuss the photo which is used in the meme. There are three aspects to this image. We will now highlight three aspects of this through a clear discussion.

  1. The first of the three aspects of the film is its ‘Background’
  2. The second is a picture of a laughing ‘Frog’
  3. The third is the ‘Font’ which makes this meme unique.


Graphic design is my passion background
Graphic Design is My Passion – Meme Background

If we discuss Graphic Design Is My passion meme’s background, we can see that a smoke-like environment is used on its background, it is not wrong to call it a foggy or cloudy environment.

No one has any doubts about the background made in adobe photoshop. Light ash and white colors are used as the initial color in the first layer of the background.

Then the second layer created a smoke-like environment with the help of photoshop via the clouds rendering option which is present on the filter and this will create the sky. After that, the smoky environment has been made much thicker.


Another square white background has been taken on the corner of the main background and put a green frog on it. The frog is laughing and looks like it’s sitting on two feet and widening its hands to say some funny things. This is the frog’s expression.

Graphic design is our passion
Graphic Design is My Passion – Meme Funny Image

The frog design is clip art and you’ll found it from the classroom clipart website. If we analyze the frog with which we will see that the number of fingers of the right hand of the frog is more than the left and a little more spread. Again the middle finger of the foot on the right side is slightly larger in length. But what’s interesting is it to say. The funniest thing it wants to say is Graphic Design is My Passion. This is how a sarcastic image was created through a frog.


The font used here is the papyrus font. This font is very popular because it is used in different designs for presentations and in a variety of movies. Since using this font in graphic design is my passion, this font has gained immense popularity. Since then, designers have continued to use this papyrus font for different designing purposes. Designers also aimed at using this font in different versions of that meme.

Who told “graphic design is my passion”

There is no exact answer on the Internet about who said this, but Designers have no doubt about the fact that it is created for the purpose of making fun of the profession.

Tumblr is the first origin of this meme. Yungterra a Tumblr user post on Tumblr “Graphic design is my passion” meme. Then Kykiske and Pentabulge posted the same meme on Tumblr based on the original. After that different versions of the related meme, we can find on social sites like Facebook., Twitter, and the internet also.

Graphic design is my passion meme variation

Graphic Design Is My Prison
Graphic Design is My Passion – Meme Fun

There are different variations of this meme we can find on the internet. Here I’m giving you some examples. One another popular version of the meme is “Graphic Design Is My Burden“. Somebody says “Graphic Design is Our Passion“, “Graphic design is our fashion” and uses 2 Frogs instead of 1 Frog. Somebody says “Graphic Design Is My Prison” and the designer creates an iron cage and puts the frog into the cage. So this is really a funny meme. Some designers also use dolphin, horse, dog, ass, and cat clip art instead of the frog into the meme.

Graphic design is my passion meme popularity

The “Graphic design is My Passion” meme became so popular on the Internet within 12 months. It was first seen on Tumblr then within 12 months it gets an immense response and almost got 356,412 notes on Tumblr.

Graphic design is my passion popularity
Graphic Design is My Passion – Meme Popularity

It was so popular within a year of its publication on Tumblr and from then designers and design companies would tie it up to their offices as showcases.

Many people print this meme on the shirts. They also use photoshop’s gradient colors tool for creating the meme which is very easy to use. Some designers sell this meme-based graphic for clothes on TeePublic type websites. Many people create different versions of this meme on blog and various social sites and share them. Many designers create this meme in the version of the animated gifs, use it as wallpaper, and share it with others. They also make videos on Graphic design is my passion meme.

Create Graphic design is my passion meme on photoshop and Illustrator

Now I’m going to tell you how to create the “Graphic design is My Passion” meme with photoshop. At first, We’ll create the background then we add the cloud effect. After that, we will design the frog on Illustrator and then we’ll write the words “Graphic Design Is My Passion” with Papyrus font.

Background Creation

Graphic design is my passion on photoshop
Graphic Design is My Passion – Meme Photoshop

First of all, we go to photoshop and click the file option there which is present in the left corner. Then we set the image size manually which width will be 1366 and height 768 pixels and resolution of 72 every inch then we’ll click OK here then don’t forget to set white (#f8f6f6) and light ash color (#9ca1a2) as a foreground color.

Graphic design is my passion on photoshop
Graphic Design is My Passion – Meme background Design

Then we go back and will search the Filter option. After clicking the ”Filter”, we will find the “Render” option and click on it. Here you will see the “Clouds” option so click on that. So FILTER- RENDER- CLOUDS. This way we can create the background.

Frog Design

Graphic design is my passion on photoshop
Clipart making of Graphic Design is My Passion – Meme

This “Graphic design is My Passion” meme used frog clipart. If you want to create the frog clipart by yourselves, it is also possible that we can create it in Adobe Illustrator or paint if it is not possible, we will first download the frog image from any royalty-free website and then take it to Photoshop and make it transparent with the Pen tool means only It will have frog but not the background. Then we will take a square white background and place the frog on it and save it in jpg format.

If you want the frog to look like a cartoon, there’s also that way. Just take frog in photoshop to a transparent background and save it in PSD format.

Graphic design is my passion on illustrator
Graphic Design is My Passion – Meme

Then take that PSD in Illustrator. Click the frog image which is opened in Illustrator. We’ll see an option called “Live Trace” and a small box next to the Live trace in the header bar of Illustrator. Click on the small box to see different options of Tracing, and select the “Photo low Fidelity” option, then our live photos will be changed to the cartoon. Then go to “File” and click “EXPORT” and save it in PNG format.

Font Selection

This “Graphic design is My Passion” meme uses a very popular font called “Papyrus”, so, first of all, we download the Papyrus font and then install it on our computer, then we open Photoshop and there when we edit background and frog images together through the editor then we will write these words in the Papyrus fontGraphic design is my passion” on the left.

Graphic design is my passion papyrus font
Graphic Design is My Passion – Meme Font

You can also read which of the following is not true about graphic design.

So this is the way we can create this “Graphic design is My Passion meme”. Every day it’s gaining popularity. Designers are talking about it. That’s why we have given so much precedence towards the meme.

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