Graphic design internships at USA: Best 15 Internship Portals

Do you want to earn exclusive knowledge and money from graphic design internship. If you’re looking as a graphic design intern and want to gain your learning from top designing companies then this blog information can help you a lot.

For any profession, internship is required so graphic design internship is also required to gain experience, knowledge, sense, job opportunities etc. You can also earn a decent amount of money from the internship. Before entering any profession an internship course is very important and mandatory. Why its mandatory! I’ll talk to you later.

Graphic design Internships From USA!

When you looked at the title you see that I’ve mentioned a specific country which is USA. Why I told you about USA? because USA is a developed country and its GDP is higher than any other country and the scope of internship of graphic design is also high so we can call it an opportunity. Opportunity for what?

Graphic design Internships
Graphic design internships at USA
  1. Opportunity to get a premium certificate from world’s top graphic designing company
  2. Opportunity to handle a high value client and project with top graphic designer.
  3. Opportunity to get a high salary job.
  4. Opportunity to work directly with design team.
  5. Opportunity to learn the long term projects.
  6. Opportunity to earn more that $6000 to $9000 per month as a yearly basis.
Internships from usa
Graphic design internships at USA

So I can say that a lot of scopes are waiting for you and if you look at the paid graphic design internship salary then you can think that its a good amount of money so just give your proper effort to enter as an intern.

Go For (Paid/Unpaid) Graphic design Internship Course!

Some students have doubt regarding this topic. So I’m going to clear the view. At first think about what is your ultimate goal! I think your goal is to get a high salary job or create your own graphic design company/agency. For both purpose, I personally think an internship on graphic design is needed to access a success in your life. but when you join as an intern what type of Internship you should prefer!

Go For (Paid/Unpaid) Graphic design Internship Course!
Go For (Paid/Unpaid) Graphic design Internship Course!

Think about your future and goal and you’ll get an answer. Did you get the answer? Don’t worry I’m going to clear your doubts. When a graphic design company is offering money for an intern that mean the background of the company is very strong. If you get the chance to join then catch the offer as soon as possible. The graphic design internship duration is 1 year and after 1 year if you prove yourself that you’re really good at your profession then you can join their company as a graphic designer.

Now we’re going to our 2nd topic which is unpaid graphic design internships. Actually the competition is too high for a paid graphic design internships and the unpaid design internships has low competition. Always try to focus on the company’s portfolio. If you found that any graphic design company has strong previous background as well as good and great client base then go and grab the offer. Because you’ll get a premium certificate from the graphic design company which will help you in your future.

How to Find Graphic design internships at USA

We’re living in a digital world and our digital world is totally depending on internet. So finding the best graphic design internships vacancy is not a very hard task. Also the designing company of USA gives remote job facility to their intern which is also a plus point for a student who stays outside of USA.

So first go to your internet browser and search “Graphic Design Internships” and you’ll find tons of job portals regarding your search. But all are those are not legit. So in this section I’m going to point some legit job portals which you can trust but I’m telling one thing additionally that if any company asks to pay for the internship, just ignore it.

How to Find Graphic design internships at USA
How to Find Graphic design internships at USA

I’ll recommend you some job portals where you can find the right choice for your internship. Just go to your browser and search the below job portal and you’ll find it. After that write graphic design internship and you’ll find your answer. The top 15 job portals which provide design Internships are given below.

  1. Google Careers
  2. ZipRecruiter
  3. Jobilize
  4. Jooble
  5. Linkedin
  6. Indeed
  7. Glassdoor
  8. scholastic.referrals.selectminds
  9. smartrecruiters
  10. internship-usa
  11. BeBee
  12. Dezeen jobs
  13. Tarta
  15. glpublishing

Without those 15 portals you can directly contact the graphic design company for the internship. Among of them the top company name is given below

  1. BBC StoryWorks Graphic Design Internship
  2. Graphic Design Internship at EDM World Magazine
  3. Graphic Design Internship at Greystar
  4. Graphic Design Internship at Power Digital Marketing
  5. Graphic Design Internship at Ralph Appelbaum Associates (RAA)
  6. Graphic Design Internship at Daybreaker

One more thing I want to share with you that you can also try to send your proposal for the internship to the video production companies. I have also written

So these are the paid Graphic design internship companies. All these top companies will give you around $70000 to $100000 annually. So you can easily think that its a great opportunity for you if you’re able to grab the offer.

Before applying to this companies, you should be prepare yourself and you have to create a portfolio of your art work. The portfolio must be a great portfolio which have the power to grab the HR or Hiring Manager’s attention.

Requirements For Graphic design internships at USA

So if you’re preparing for an internship from USA then you need a background of your study and some other experiences also. Now I’m going to describe those requirements below

  1. A college graduate student pursuing a bachelor degree of 4 years in the Graphic Design or related field.
  2. The intern must have excellent knowledge on Adobe creative suite as well as video editing software.
  3. Must be excellent at verbal communication and writing.
  4. Ability to handle a client and projects
  5. Professional characteristics to work with a team.
  6. Creative mind and self motivated intern
  7. Professional motivated character to work with any hard situation. So these are the basic requirements for an graphic design internship.

Why Graphic design Internship Is Mandatory!

Actually internship is required to gain knowledge about your profession. It is the first step of your career. Think a situation that you’re just a graduate on any Graphic Design field and you don’t have any proper practical knowledge on your field so Without Internship how its possible to deal with a client or deal with a project!

As a serious person I’ll definitely recommend you to do an internship on graphic design from top companies of European countries even you want to start your own Graphic Design business then you have to follow this.

Think outside the box
Think outside the box

If we check the top Freelancing platforms and their agencies of Upwork or Fiverr then we can easily say that without practical knowledge its almost impossible to land a big project on those platforms and you’ll be unable to handle a client’s project and if you’re unable to handle a client’s project that’s mean you’ll get bad impression on your career.

Team work
Team Work

Also here some another factor is in the waiting list. A company why directly offer a job to a student or a graduate who don’t have any practical and professional experience! That’s mean any company wants to see your professionalism and experience and you can earn this professionalism by the graphic design internship. From client handling to project deliver all kinds of experience you can gain as an intern. So you can definitely think that how important the internship is! For this reason I’ve said that Internship is mandatory for your successful career.

How To Apply For Graphic design Internship?

I think this is the most valuable part of this post. Because there are some essential steps you should definitely follow before applying for an internship. If you did not follow the proper way so you may face difficulty to get an internship at USA. Hard work needed but the way must be smart. The process is given below

Find the Uniqueness
Find Uniqueness
  1. Suppose you’re a 2d/3d graphic designer and you’re looking for a graphic design internship so your primary target will be just follow the requirements of the graphic design company and you can check it on the provided job portals. Then note it.
  2. Note at least 10 company where you find your subject related internship.
  3. You’ll be glad to see the result. Almost all company’s requirement is same.
  4. Note the different requirements of each company and take those requirements seriously.
  5. Those requirements are actually the uniqueness and any company is seeking those uniqueness from an intern.
  6. Now your target is to implement those uniqueness into your profile or portfolio.
  7. Boost your profile and take it as a passion.
  8. Now introduce your skills with this new way and write a application or cover letter, then apply.
  9. Wait for the company’s call but success guaranteed.

Benefits Of Graphic Design Internship From USA

The topic is mainly for those who wants to complete a graphic design internship from other countries If you read the above topics carefully then you can see that I’ve described already the benefits of Internship from USA but now I’m going deeply.

Suppose you’ve completed an internship from your local agencies or a company and after that you definitely wants to showcase your internship certificate into your portfolio. Am I right! and one of your friend also completed an internship from USA. Now both of you apply for a job in a same company. so what you think who will get the preference for that particular post! Definitely your friend. Nowadays its very important to complete study or internships from foreign countries. This is really a plus point to boost your career.

Success of a freelancer

Now I’m going to share my own experience with you which may give you a few but informative knowledge.

Do you know the graphic design business mainly depends on the European and Australian countries. Yes I’ve gain this knowledge. The high value client always prefer to work directly with designer. Don’t think its a very hard job to work with directly a client because you can earn this habit via internship.

Suppose you’re just a graduate designer so you definitely know how to design a graphic but how to design graphic for clothes or how to design graphic for a gaming character for a client, might fall you into a trouble. Then you may think if someone help you at this time then you may do the job perfectly. So if you want to avoid this type of problem, just complete a one year internship. You’ll get real life experience and the environment to learn how to work as a team and how to overcome a difficult problem by discussion and problem solving mind. You’ll also learn team management and collaboration from the graphic design internship.

Additional Information for Graphic design internship

Suppose you’ve completed the internship but you don’t want to do a job and want to start your own business via freelancing platform then you can check my other post which is based on Fiverr and Fiverr pro. If you Want to know more about best Zero Investment Platform for freelancing then you can also check this post in my blog for your success. So after reading the whole post I think you have got a clear overview about Graphic Design Internship. But if you’ve any doubt regarding this post then you can definitely contact me. Just go to the contact us page and write your query. I’m always here to help you.

Best wishes for you and your career.

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