How To Get Free Fire Top Up Diamond To Collect 10000 Diamonds

How To Get Free Fire Top Up Diamond To Collect 10000 Diamonds. That’s why I’ll discuss this topic so that you can understand how easily we can take 10,000 ff free diamonds redeem code easily on Free Fire. Some free fire players thought that the free fire top-up diamond redeems code is not free and also it’s too hard to get a free top-up 10000 diamonds redeem code but it’s wrong.

So today we will share the Free Fire Top Up Redeem Code For Free 10000 Diamonds. Today Our main aim is why top-up is very important in free fire, how to get easily free fire top-up diamond redeem code, and how we can recharge top-up in the free fire game for free. Everything will be discuss here.If we have diamonds in our free fire id then we can easily hope for premium outfits, dresses, pets, skins, etc. So there is a chance to get almost everything in our ff id. This topic is an interesting topic for every free fire player.

Free fire Top-up is a kind of diamond recharge in the free fire game. But it’s not the same recharge as mobile recharge. In fact, the most important part of the free fire game is its diamond because without diamonds we can purchase anything. Diamond is a premium virtual cash of free fire game. Through Diamond, we can unlock and use all premium features in free fire games.

free fire top up
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You just need to follow my steps one by one. I have shared here 6 suitable methods for getting ff diamonds into our free fire account. If you follow all the 6 methods then you may get near about 10000 free fire diamonds via top up redeem code methods. All the methods are genuine and you may use any of them or all to get 10000 freefire diamonds

Why is Free fire Top Up needed?

Diamonds are not easily available for free and also it’s costly. It has to be recharged through top-up. That’s why every gamer wants free free fire top-up in their account. So they can use all Premium features like legendary skins, outfits, pets, effects after the free diamond top-up. That’s why I’m going to explain about free fire top-up diamond’s redeem code source.

We know how crazy there is among the FF players about Diamond’s Redeem Code in the free fire game. We want to share that how many reliable sources are there for free top up redeem code for 10000 diamonds. I hope this post help you a lot to get free fire 10000 diamonds via top up redeem code method.

I just want to tell you a few things before I go to my main topic. That’s you have to follow these methods very well. If you follow these methods very well, you can easily recharge free top up on your ff account for free. So there’s no reason for you to worry about it. I will guide you. All the process are genuine and authentic. Just look at how you recharge, you’ll get top up diamond for free in your ff account.

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  6. Free Free fire top up diamond offer by Free charge For 10000 diamonds
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  8. Google Opinion reward for top up free fire For 10000 diamonds
  9. FF top up from Eneba For 10000 diamonds
  10. Free Fire top up diamond From CodaShop

FF Top Up 10000 Diamonds Importance

Free fire top up 10000 diamonds importance: FF Top Up 10000 Diamond’s importance skyrockets. We can’t imagine the role it plays in the free fire game. Everyone we play the free fire game knows that diamond is the most important thing in this game because with this diamond we can unlock all premium features, Dress, emote, skins all at a time. We can upgrade anything at any moment by ff 10000 diamonds.

 Free Fire Top up

Maybe we’ll get some diamonds by completing some events or completing some missions that are a good way to get ff free diamonds but with the number of diamonds, we can’t unlock very good quality premium features or skins because the better premium features we have, we’ll need more diamonds like 10000 to unlock and upgrade. So if we want to get so many diamonds like 10000 via redeeming code, top-up is our only hope.

Free Fire Free Diamond Top up 10000 Guide

Now i’m going to discuss about free fire free diamond top up 10000 guide. I know how crazy there is about diamond among free fire players and if that top-up method is all free, we don’t have limits to happiness.

free fire top up

So friends, I’ll discuss free fire free diamond Topup today so that you can take this benefit to your own account and use it with about 10,000 free fire free diamonds in your account.

Friends, you will always remember that all the methods I mention here are authentic and genuine methods. You have to follow all these methods properly. Only then can you recharge the Free Fire free Diamond Top up. You can also read more information about what is a free fire diamonds generator and actually how it works. But if you think I’ll give you diamonds through a generator tool, it’s wrong because I don’t want to confuse you with fake information here.

Free Fire Top up: Swagbucks For 10000 Free fire diamond

We can top up ff by 10000 diamonds through Swagbucks survey app. Surveys play an important role in free fire top ups. We can get a lot of rewards through surveys. But all these rewards are transferred to PayPal account. So through PayPal we can make Google Play Gift cards and we know those codes as Google Play Redeem Code.

 Free Fire Top up

We can easily redeem these codes to Google Play Store and take diamonds for free. So it’s a very good one method for free fire free diamond top up. But I won’t tell you any fake or wrong survey app here. Because I know you want the right information and I also want to help you with the right information.

As an honest blogger, I want to say that you can use this platform swagbucks to survey. It’s a very good platform and if you complete some surveys well for a few days on this platform, you can easily get reward to your account and you can recharge FF diamond top up for free through that reward.The best part about this survey website is that you can also complete its survey from mobile. For that you need to go to google play store to get this survey app. If you don’t understand how to use this survey website, I’ll tell you the process now to help you understand.

  1. Get swagbucks ANSWER from play store And Sign up
  2. Or Go to the Swagbucks website through mobile browser and sign up
  3. Check surveys
  4. You’ll get multiple surveys from the 1st day
  5. If we complete each survey, we will get SB points.
  6. We have to gather these points together.
  7. When we look at these surveys, we can see that surveys give 25 to 150 SB points.
  8. After collecting 1000 SB points, we can redeem it via Paypal. (Very easy to complete)
  9. We will buy Google Play Gift Cards with that reward and can easily recharge top up for fire fire game

Free Fire Top up: SEAGM Bonus 10000 Diamond

We’re able to get 10000 ff diamonds by top up through SEAGM. We have told the previous method how we can take rewards in PayPal account through surveys.

Now we will discuss how to use this PayPal reward better to get diamond top ups for free through this Seagm website. This Seagm website is a very popular website. Here we can buy a variety of gift cards. One of them is google play gift card. This site is an international site that provides gift cards for Google Play for different country’s FF player.

free fire top up

So we can say that we are getting diamonds for free. Again with that we’re also getting extra 7% bonus to buy FF diamonds. That means we did two things together. If we follow these rules like this, we will easily get more than 10,000 diamonds on our FF account. If you don’t understand how to use this Seagm website, I’ll tell you the process now to help you understand.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up first
  3. Click on cards which is present on the header side of the website
  4. From the drop down menu
  5. Click on gift cards
  6. After clicking on gift cards you’ll find Google play gift card
  7. Choose gift card according to your country
  8. Select Card Type Value
  9. Click on buy now
  10. Pay
  11. use it on play store
  12. Do Free Fire Top up
  13. Have fun

Get Free Fire Diamond top up Without Any Work: SEAGM

Another good aspect of this website is that this website is sometimes campaigned for giveaways and through that campaign they give free fire diamonds for free. They announce multiple winners and recharge them to top-up as diamond rewards for free. So this is a good aspect of this website Only we have to go to their website and participate to the campaign. Then we will get a recharge for Diamond Top Up for free without any work.

Free Fire Diamond Top up: freecharge Free fire 10000 Diamond App Offer

The contribution of the freecharge free fire diamond app for 10000 free fire top up is unforgettable. We can use this app very well to get diamond. Many of us know that free charge is a recharge app. Through this app we can recharge top-up for Google Play. We need to use this app properly for this and we need to apply promo code to get super offer.

If we apply the promo code, we will get free fire diamond with a very good cashback. But if we don’t have a promo code, we can also recharge ff top up without any promo code. But we have to remember that this app offers freecharge up to cashback of Rs. 1000 in case of top-up recharge. This is one of the best aspects of this app. We can say from here that the freecharge app is best foras a Free fire diamond top up app.

 Free Fire Top up

Now I’ll tell you how to use freecharge app

  1. Go to google play store
  2. Get Free charge app
  3. Sign up on free charge
  4. Go to recharge and payments
  5. Scroll down and click on Google play
  6. Select amount for google play recharge
  7. Apply promo code
  8. Pay and Get reward or cash back
  9. Also Get Google play gift code
  10. Redeem it on play store
  11. Apply reward for again google play gift code
  12. This time select the cashback balance for pay
  13. Get google play recharge code and redeem it
  14. Open Free fire
  15. Go to store
  16. Select diamond bundle for free fire diamond top up
  17. Pay through google play store for ff top up
  18. Done

Get Free fire diamond topup Free From Freecharge

There is also an option called freecharge free fund at freecharge. Freecharge sometimes sends this free fund code to the registered mobile number of customers they usually have. As soon as this code is redeemed, virtual cash of Rs. 20 to Rs. 50 is added to our account.

But You can’t withdraw this cash or reward. You can just use it for extra bonus. With that cash, we can recharge Google Play and buy Diamond in Free Fire through it. So register on Freecharge and apply the tricks.

Free Fire Diamond Top up: Google Opinion Reward For 10000 Free fire diamond top up

Google Opinion Reward is a Google Survey based app. Through this app, Google conducts a variety of surveys for their valuable users and customers. We all know that Google always considers its customer’s and user’s opinion very much and their opinions are always prominent, so this service has been created by Google so that google can directly take opinions from users like us.

After each survey is completed, Google sends a virtual cash as reward to our opinion reward account and the rewarded amount is also shows to play store but we can’t withdrawal this amount.

We can only use the money deposited by Google Opinion Reward to buy all the services in the Google Play Store or the games included in the Google Play Store. So we can do top up recharge for Free fire through this method.

 Free Fire Top up

How To Use Google opinion Reward As a Free Fire Top Up

So now our question is how to use google opinion reward. Don’t worry. The process is very simple.

  1. Get Google opinion reward from play store
  2. Click On GET STARTED and select your mail id as a sign up process.
  3. Wait for surveys
  4. Opinion survey is based on merchant satisfaction survey, hotel review, youtube video surveys etc. Thats mean if you use or see any service or videos on youtube, you could get surveys regarding that.
  5. Use your GPS for location selection because Google opinion also provide surveys on new place or hometown.
  6. After completing a survey, you would get rewards into your play store account
  7. Do Free fire top up recharge with free of cost from that reward

Free Fire Top up: Eneba

The role of this website is immense in creating Google Play Redeem Code. We can’t only create Google Play’s gift card here. Here we can create Xbox Live Gift Cards, streaming gift cards, PSN Gift Cards, Nintendo gift Card, Fortnight Cards and Blizzard gift cards also.

We can get rewarded through surveys. I already told you about swagbucks. Here we will get rewards by completing surveys and the rewarded cash we get by doing those surveys is credited to our PayPal account and later we can use it for free fire game top up. With the money of this PayPal account, we can buy google play redeem codes from eneba. The process is given below

How To Create Google play Redeem Codes or Gift code From Eneba

  1. Go to
  2. Click on gift cards which is present on the header side of the website
  3. From the drop down menu Click on Google play play gift cards
  4. Choose what amount of gift card you want to create
  5. Click on that
  6. Pay for instant redeem code
  7. Use it on play store for free fire diamond top up bundle
 Free Fire Top up

Free Fire Diamond Top up: Meplay

meplay is a very important and interesting website for free fire diamond top up. On this website we can recharge top up for free fire games. There are very low rates of diamonds pack available on this website. That’s why this website is loved by many players. But it’s not just for free fire diamond top up. Also here we can see a variety of gift cards like iTunes u.s.a. Gift cards, iTunes France Gift Card, iTunes UK Gift Card, Xbox live gift cards etc.

How To Create Free Fire diamond Top up From Meplay

  1. Go to Meplay .com
  2. Click on Free fire diamonds
  3. Select diamonds bundle
  4. Click to add
  5. Give player id
  6. Pay
  7. Get diamond bundle in your ff id
  8. This way you can do ff top up for 10000 diamonds

Free Fire diamond Top up: Codashop

This is one of the popular free fire diamond top up method. But this site is only available for bangladesh. Bangladeshi Ff players can do their top up recharge through this codashop site. The main attractive part of this website is you can top up from lowest 25 diamonds to highest 5600 diamonds at single time.

How To Create Free Fire diamond Top up From Codashop

  1. Go to Codashop
  2. Enter your FF player Id
  3. Select your recharge category for diamond bundle
  4. Select pay option
  5. Give your mail id
  6. Submit
  7. Top up done

So these are the methods to do free fire top up for 10000 diamonds for your free fire id. I hope you like my post. If you have any question in your mind, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks in advance.

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