Free Fire New Event and Best Upcoming Event 2023 For FF Free Diamonds and Rewards

Today our topic is Free Fire New Event and Best Upcoming Event 2023 For FF Free Diamonds and Rewards. If you want free fire free diamonds then you should definitely read this topic for ff diamonds.

We know getting free diamonds is not an easy task. So I want to guide you to get free diamonds from Free Fire New Event and Best Upcoming Event.

We will discuss FF new event and best upcoming event of Free Fire. In fact, there is a lot of excitement among the players about diamonds in the free fire game. Many players want their accounts to have a lot of diamonds. That’s why I’m writing this post today. Through this post I’ll tell you how to get a lot of diamonds through free fire new events and upcoming events!

Free Fire New and Upcoming Events

Now I’m going to tell you the new and upcoming events of free fire game.

  1. The Plan Bermuda Free fire new event
  2. Nexterra Map event
  3. The After Match Drop Free fire Event(Upcoming)
  4. The Winter Wish Event
  5. Lets Plan Again upcoming web type Event
  6. Winter Wish Event
  8. TOP UP and get Joseph
  9. Daily Guild Event
  10. Loot box Events
  11. Free fire SURFBOARD Event
  12. Rewards For Login into your account (Upcoming)
  13. Booyah Run Events
  14. Reload The Target Down Event
  15. Amazon prime event

All of us free fire players know that the garena free fire game company attracts the player to their games every time with free fire new event and upcoming events. One of the elements of this attraction is the Free Fire at Diamond.

Free-fire-new-event free diamonds

In fact, free fire companies give more or less diamonds to everyone through their new events. So we can use these events as one of the means of getting free diamonds.

Through all these Free Fire new event’s, the free fire game not only gives us diamonds but through these FF new events this free fire game fixes all the old problems and Bugs of their FF players faces during the game play. so we can say that in the free fire new event we will not only get diamonds but also see new features and new Ability of characters.

Free-fire-new-event free diamonds

Free Fire Event’s Rewards: Check the FF rewards lists

You can’t believe how much rewards you will get during those events. All those rewards are great and exciting. All the premium rewards will be given at that particular time. Those rewards are

Free-fire-new-event free diamonds
  1. Free Diamonds
  2. LCDP Premium Surfboard
  3. Premium Parachute with skin
  4. Log in gold reward
  5. LCDP Premium Sports Car
  6. New Mode
  7. Printer As a 1st day login reward
  8. Bounty Token Reward Play Card As a 2nd day login reward
  9. Cha ching reward As a 3rd day login reward
  10. Multiple Premium Skin Crates
  11. Red Robster Vector reward
  12. Red Robster Dress skin

Free Fire New Event: The Plan Bermuda Event

Plan Bermuda is one of the famous event of new Free Fire event. Here you’ll gain a lot of rewards gold, INk, Diamond royal voucher, Crate for skins and the famous Red Robster Set Bundle. But you have to follow some steps for those rewards. Those steps are given below

  1. You can achieve all Plan Bermuda rewards like gold, INk, Diamond royal voucher, Crate for skins and the famous Red Robster Set Bundle by completing daily mission. You have to collect gold bar tokens by completing daily mission, then click the INSERT button to deliver. As much you deliver, the delivered TONS bar would be fill. All the daily missions you can completed by
    • playing 1 game
    • 300+ damage points while playing the game
    • Win against your opponent in the free fire game
    • When you play the game, the DELIVERED points bar will automatically increase.
  2. You will also get login rewards after participating in the event via log in and you’ll get a parachute skin

Lets Plan Again upcoming web type Event

  1. You will also see LET’S PLAN AGAIN section in this Free fire new event. This LET’S PLAN AGAIN part is related to a web series. You just need to click on the “ENTER” to proceed.
    1. This is like a ludo type board game you face. because you will get a dice.
    2. You have to collect 1500 gold via GET THE DICE option. You just simply collect the dice for Roll.
    3. The number of times you roll the dice your chance for getting gold would be higher.
    4. You will get Companion food after getting 300 gold, Gold royal voucher at 600 gold, Plan Bermuda back pack at 900 gold, Famas crate at 1200 gold and finally diamond royal voucher at 1500 gold.

Free Fire New Event: New Reload The Target Down Event

This new ff event is also called the After Match Drop Free fire Event. Here you can see Gold Vaults which is also known as BAG O’ CASH. The premium rewards are RED ROBSTER DRESS AND RED ROBSTER VECTOR SKIN.

How To Play The Event

This free fire new event game is very simple. This game is based on a spin. This spin has been such that every time golden magazine is reloaded, here our spin rewards or elements would also change.

We have a free spin every day so we have to take our rock star dress through that free spin so we can get all the rewards from the free spin everyday. If we want to take these Rewards once, we have to spend 19 diamonds for each spin. So this is also a special and exciting event. You just need to follow my steps to get those rewards.

So since many of us can’t have that much of a diamond, we’ve repeatedly mentioned free spin only if you remember your first goal from free spin every day only then we can get all the rewards after a certain time. At the final step you get some Free fire diamonds in your account. You can also get more information about Free Fire free diamonds which can give you an overall idea to get free fire free diamonds. So don’t miss a day and always collect your rewards. I hope you understand my thoughts.

Winter Wish Event

Free-fire-new-event free diamonds

Winter Wish is a special event of Free Fire. Most of the ff winter events are based on Christmas. So the rewards are excellent as well. The rewards are based on merry Christmas theme or Santa Claus theme. But sometimes this event gives some winter related outfit’s skins. So Its really a very popular event. This event is given only in November, December and january month because it is very cold in our country in November, December and january.

Now we will discuss some of the most attractive winter related dress skins and bundles. Which is offered only at this Winter event in December.

Here I’m going to discuss about this special event. This is also a seasonal event also. Because this particular event is based on winter and we know from December month the winter season started. The season stays almost 2 to 3 months. So the event is also stays 2 to 3 months based on the season.


Now we’ll highlight some of the most interesting rewards which will be given through this WW event.

  1. The GLACIER HUNTER Dress Reward
  3. M1887 Reward


Free Fire booyah buddy is a very popular event. This event is based on the performance of the players of virtually free fire. The rewards given here are based on performance. Here players are judged on performance match, winning match, KD Ratio, Damage Ratio, win Rate etc. From here, players can get free Diamond also at Free Fire.

Free-fire-new-event free diamonds

Through this event, the power analysis of the players of Free Fire is checked here. Not only the power analysis but also the weekly overview of the players is also checked here.

There is also a data table which contains the performance of the players and various Ratio stores. Reports of how we play with friends are automatically generated here and players are rewarded based on all these reports. The player’s ranking is also takes an important role here. So we can say that the better the player plays, the better the reward.

TOP UP and get Joseph

This is not a simple top up because if we simply recharge our FF account, we just get different types of diamonds bundle. But if we use this event for diamond purchase then we get more diamonds with a premium character named Joseph.

Usually if we’re already going to buy this premium character called Joseph, we’ll have to spend a lot of diamonds, so we’ll get Joseph character for free for our Freefire ID as we normally do through this event. so it’s a very interesting new freefire event.

Daily Guild Event

One of the highlights of this event is that we have to join all the members of our guild here and play matches. if we don’t, we won’t be able to participate in this event so if we want to get much more attractive rewards through this daily event, we have to play with the guild members here.

Free-fire-new-event free diamonds

We don’t have a particular terms or condition to play this event so it’s very easy to complete this event. We only have to play with all the members of the guild and we know it’s not just a difficult event to play with a guild member but if we think about other events, we have to complete in game missions which is a difficult thing but that’s not the case here so this event is very easy to achieve rewards.

Loot box Events

Loot box event is a very simple upcoming event because here we don’t have to complete any in game missions and we don’t have to join with any players and we don’t have to do anything here just here we have to log in every day to our free fire game and after log in we will automatically participate in an event called Loot Box and after logging in every day we will get attractive rewards and Diamonds also.

This loot box is a login based event so that as soon as we log in to our FF id we will get rewards. Five consecutive days of logging in and we will get different rewards from here but we have to remember that if we log in for five consecutive days, we will get gold Bar from here.

Free fire SURFBOARD Event

This surfboard event is also a very simple Freefire’s new event. Only we have to complete a mission in this event. Only then we will get this reward so we have to join in this event and we have to play 30 minutes of games here and whenever we have completed 30 minutes we will be eligible to get that surfboard.

Today we discussed these new and upcoming free fire events. Later I will discuss all the more new free fire events from where you can get good characters, skins, effects and diamonds in your free fire id. So far today. I will write posts for you with better Free Fire Event later.

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