What is Environmental graphic design definition? 6 Best Technique

Hello everyone, today we’re talking about Environmental graphic design definition not only what is graphic design definition! Sound is hard to hear. Don’t worry I’ll clearly explain you about the definition of graphic designing, graphic art definition, define graphic art and other related terms.

Before we start to write on environmental graphic design definition, first we say what is Environmental graphic design? In one word it’s a designing area of graphics. We also called it EGD so what does EGD stands for! EGD define graphic art. It also define as an environmental concept art.

Actually environmental graphics inc lude graphic style, graphic desing, architecture, art, environmental science clip art, illumination, landscape, digital graphics designing as well as different other designing fields are utilized as a process to improve the customer expertise via the aesthetic rendering of concepts in the constructed atmosphere. So this is also the definition of sustainability in graphic design.

Environmental graphic design definition
What is Environmental graphic design

What is Environmental Graphics Designing all about

The environmental graphic design def ine improvement. These types of improvements within a project plan are figured via different types of applications or software, skills and also strategies, and might take the form of uniformity, incredibly graphics, art technique, and also the use of skillful combination of color. The principles and also application of EGD or Environmental graphic design into a plan makes it looks amazing and varied, yet most of the times somewhat hard to clearly specify.

Now we’re going to explain EGD. The EGD is based on visual concepts signs and lighting with layered graphic design. this way environmental graphic design explained. If we talk about experiential design definition then EGD can be explained easily.

Wayfinding system
Subway Environmental Graphics Design

What is the importance of spatial graphic in EGD?

Actually Environmental graphic designs are one kind of spatial type of graphic. But if we describe graphic design then we can’t compare it with traditional graphic design. The design environment and the definition graphic arts are also totally different as compare to EGD.

We can say the definition of graphic art of environmental, deliver one kind of split knowledge where uniformity, visuals and good sense of place are enriched by impulsive feelings which is one kind of spatial expertise.

Now we’re going to talk about the special term which is spatial ideas. Spatial ideas are generally presented to a plan. This spatial idea or concepts helps anyone’s prior experience which is usually illustrated by appearance, place, illumination as well as shade. But the Environmental graphics design playing a big role here which is related to masonry or place.

If we take a workplace or business office building as an example then environmental graphic design define that it is a supporter of architecture and the environmental graphics ensures the identity and position which anyone can feel in a workplace or business office building.

EGD’s Primary Focus

Architectural concept

The Environmental graphic design is able to grab the guest’s main attention which can explicit in store type atmospheres as well as entertainment places. The environmental graphics always perform a vital position in modern cities.

The Environmental graphic design field actually identified as an architectural or space signage. The representation object was to concentred around the construction. Here the Environmental graphic designer also focused on the wayfinding designs which is actually a combination of color paint, emblem or sign and typographical design.

Throughout in the 70s the “Environmental graphic design” first time introduced by a project of rebranding. At that time the Environmental graphic design got too much approval. But here one question arise in our mind why Environmental graphic design got much acceptance from that time! The answer is simple.

 The Environmental graphic design has the power to grab the visitor’s attraction. The Environmental graphic design’s special factor is its deals with the architectural graphic concept. In the 70s the word “environment” defines “the adjacent nature”. But nowadays the term environmental or environment defines weather, temperature as well as surrounding nature. This is really a big doubt for those who think environmental graphics design or egd meaning is related to nature! and it’s a climate change graphic design section. So what does egd stand for is also a questionable point.

Environmental Graphics Design or Environment Design| Clear Your Confusion

Digital signage
Digital signage

Environmental graphic design meaning which deals with a special section of graphic design disciplines what is very natural but attractive and that doesn’t mean it deals with the nature or equality with nature. Any natural environment can easily catch our attention and here the Environmental graphic designer tries to also catch visitor’s attention via natural graphic design. If anybody asks define graphic design and he also wants to know the environmental design definition then we got a clear knowledge to explain.

This is the reason why it is called Enviromental graphics.

Sometimes it’s called “Environment Graphic design” or “environment graphics” but it’s not right. Again I’m telling that some people compare it directly to the environment but this is not actually true. So introducing them with “Environmental design” is a challenging part. Its difficult to offer the ideas to those who is not familiar with it.

Top Environmental graphic design technique

Digital Signage
  • Wayfinding technique
  • Spatial technique
  • Computerized signage films of window
  • Surrounding graphics design like graphics design on floor as well as wall
  • Display something with backlit technique
  • 2d or 3d logo as well as interactive display technique

So we have seen a lot of advance technique which is directly related to the environmental graphic design job. With the help of graphical de sign designer implement their thoughts into their work. We can also say that graphical design is the first concept of an environmental graphic designer.

Some years ago the Society for Environmental graphic design which is also called SEGD determined to precisely demonstrate the extending nature of interaction.

Environmental graphic designer Definition and Working Process

Environmental design job description is not very straight forward. Environmental graphics designer is also an important part of EGD because environmental designers plays a big role in the environment graphic.

All this type of Environmental graphic design is depending on the designer. Why I’m telling that! Because when the Environmental graphic designer developed their plan, the Environmental graphic design significantly become more blended into a space or architecture or building. This way the EDG or the Environmental graphic designer uncover the wide array of innovative and collaborating techniques to reveal the expression of Environmental graphic design

The environmental graphic designer have a lots of pre plan to execute. From designer of egd super graphics seattle to attractive environmental sign, everything the environmental graphic designers define graphically that’s mean they work on graphical design and this is a very challenging part. They also have their own method of graphic design installation.

This is the environmental designer job description which is very hard to maintain, I personally think.

From previous several years EGD or enviromental graphics design is progressing too fast. Actually the environment designer always focus on place making but how the graphics designer do that! They do it with the help of wayfinding and signage. So with the help of wayfinding as well as signage the EGD is becoming very popular.

Significant Purpose of Wayfinding

Purpose of Wayfinding

We can find the environmental signs into wayfinding. This wayfinding formats are the fundamental of environmental design which enhance any visitor’s or individual’s sensation of any spot via visual graphics design. As examples We can find wayfinding in Airports, hospitals as well as top corporate area also. Although its one kind of experimental format of EGD but it’s actually an advance system of sustainability graphic design.

Purpose of Wayfinding second image

Exposed Signage

Signage is an another term of EGD where the graphic designer reconciliation with environmental graphic design inspiration. This interaction with people via visual graphics info is the primary object of that term so we can call it exposed signage also.


If we take a look on graphic design industry news, then we can easily say that nowadays these industries are also focusing on environmental visual enhancements.

Green Graphic Design

Green graphic design
Green Graphic Design

Now we’re going to the topic of green graphic design. I think you find something with the name “Green”. Yes, green graphic design deals with environment. The designer actually tries to enhance our environment via his green design. But here one another point I want to share that any graphic designer is not related to sustainable design. A graphic designer has to follow different process to design sustainable.

So I have covered almost everything regarding “Environmental Graphic Design”. I hope you like my blog post.

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