Clash Of Clans Gems: How To Get? Freebies Technique

Today we discuss how to get the Clash Of Clans Free Gems With the Freebies Technique. We know the coc game is very popular for its gameplay strategy. But it’s also very popular for its in-game virtual cash the “GEMS”. From hero to building upgrade everywhere gems are needed. For that reason, COC players want an unlimited clash of clan free gems generators.

Free gems play an important role in the Clash of Clans. Because it is through gems in the Clash of Clans game that we can buy all kinds of premium features and skins. Before we tell this free gems information, we want to say something about the Clash of Clans. The Clash of Clans game is a strategy game that a development company based in Finland. This company first launched its game in 2010. This company is known as Supercell.

Gems in Clash of Clan is the virtual cash of this game. It’s premium cash and with these gems we can buy many premium features and different types of hero skins, upgrade instantly any building, any troops, machines spell factory, or any defense system. so we can understand from here how important gems plays a role in this game. almost everything is upgradable in the clash of clan game. We already know that these upgrades can be done instantly by gems. So if we have unlimited gems, that’s mean we’re one step ahead of our opponent.

Unlimited Clash Of Clans Free Gems Generator Website
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We will now discuss how we get gems for free in clash of clans because if we get unlimited clash of clans gems for free then with that free gems, we can unlock all these premium features. Any building, Heros, Walls, defense systems, troops, town halls can be upgraded instantly with gems. So if you have many coc gems in your village, that’s mean you have the key to max your town hall performance. Sounds interesting! Yes, today’s topic would be really interesting among the clash of clan players.

Clash Of clans free gems Importance

Clash of Clan has 1 to 14 total fourteen town halls. Each town hall we have to upgrade the buildings and also upgrade our hero. Initially it doesn’t take long to upgrade our building or hero but as we move towards the upper town hall, our time increases. We have to wait for 17 to 20 days for a single building. It takes less than a second to upgrade any building. Thats mean we can instantly upgrade any building so gems plays a very important role in this regard.

Unlimited Clash Of Clans Free Gems Generator Website
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From Town Hall 10 to Town Hall 14 as we move slowly we can see that the time required to upgrade each of our buildings has increased a lot. It is very difficult to upgrade the buildings patiently with such a big time, but we have no option because only gems can update these buildings within a seconds so the important of free gems in clash of clans is very high.

The more we move slowly towards the higher town hall at the Clash of Clans, the more time it takes us to upgrade the hero, to upgrade the building, to upgrade the troops. We don’t need any time to upgrade the walls in the Clash of Clans, but when we take the walls from level 12 to 15, we will need a lot of gold or elixir almost 100k to 500k. So if we want to upgrade along the wall without gold or elixir, we need gems, so we can say that gems has a role to play in upgrading anything in clash of clans without investing any time.

As a result we need free gems in our account for quick upgrade any base or town hall.

Coc Builder and Relation with Free Gems

Free gems has a very good relationship with builder in clash of clans games. There are five total builders in the Clash of Clans game. When we put these five builders in building upgrades, no more builders will be empty.

[Unlimited Clash Of Clans Free Gems Generator Website]
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So we can’t upgrade anything else. So if we have unlimited Free gems in this situation, we don’t need to wait for next any building or any other hero upgrade. Because through that free gems we can upgrade buildings or heros instantly. After that we can put the builders again for next upgrade.

But our question is how do we get Free gems on the coc ID of our Clash of Clans games? Because Free gems is one of our most important things. So to earn it, we need to apply and follow some methods.

If we can apply those important methods properly, we can easily get free gems in our account. I have referred to these methods as a generator for gems collection. If you look at these information properly, you will get gems in your account for free. All these methods are genuine methods.

Clash Of Clans Free Gems Step By Step Guide

Now we will discuss how to get Free gems in Clash of Clans game. First of all we will mention some genuine and authentic method by which we can earn some virtual cash for free and through that earning we will get Clash of Clans gems for free. Here I will explain them step by step.

Unlimited [Clash Of Clans Free Gems] Generator Website
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Google Play Store Offers For Free Gems Generate

The Google Play Store occasionally gives a variety of Clash of Clans gem’s offer. All these offers are very attractive offers. When we want to buy Gem in the Clash of clans game, all the transactions are done through Google Play Store.

That’s why the Google Play Store sometimes gives all the best offers So we have to take a look at this offer whenever we get these offers in Google Play Store. If you check those offer regularly then I can guarantee you that you will get great offers. You just need to check the notification of google play store regularly. Just follow my steps.

How To Redeem Google play store Offer For COC

Sometimes it happens that a discount coupon of Rs. 200 ($2.66) has been given on google play store and the special offer of coc free gems we want to take is Rs. 220 ($2.93), so we have to add an additional Rs 20 ($.26) to the Google Play Store in advance.

Unlimited [Clash Of Clans Free Gems] Generator Website
google play reward

There are many of us who don’t know how to redeem its offers on the Google Play Store for Coc free gems. So today we’ll say those processes step by-step that how we’ll redeem google play store offers and through that redeemed offer how we’ll get gems on our Class of Clan game accounts for free.

  1. Go to your Play store app
  2. Click on the circled right corner
  3. Click on offers and notifications (Bell icon)
  4. Check for new offers in the offer section
  5. You’ll see clash of clan logo or game offer
  6. You’ll see any discount offer
  7. Click on Claim now and then Use in Game
  8. After click on use in game, you’ll redirect to CoC
  9. Go to Shop and choose what you want to buy
  10. Select payment method and you’ll see offer applied
  11. Finally Pay via Google play store and get free gems

Google Play Opinion Reward For Free Gems In Clash Of Clans

Google Opinion Reward is a Google Survey based app. Through this app, Google conducts a variety of surveys for their valuable users and customers. We all know that Google always considers its customer’s and user’s opinion very much and their opinions are always prominent, so this service has been created by Google so that google can directly take opinions from users like us.

After each survey is completed, Google sends a virtual cash as reward to our opinion reward account and the rewarded amount is also shows to play store but we can’t withdrawal this amount. We can only use the money deposited by Google Opinion Reward to buy all the services in the Google Play Store or the games included in the Google Play Store. So we can buy unlimited free gems through this method.

How To Use Google opinion Reward As a Free Gems Generator

So now our question is how to use google opinion reward. Don’t worry. The process is very simple.

  1. Get Google opinion reward from play store
  2. Click On GET STARTED and select your mail id as a sign up process.
  3. Wait for surveys
  4. Opinion survey is based on merchant satisfaction survey, hotel review, youtube video surveys etc. Thats mean if you use or see any service or videos on youtube, you could get surveys regarding that.
  5. Use your GPS for location selection because Google opinion also provide surveys on your own place or hometown.
  6. After completing a survey, you would get rewards into your play store account
  7. Buy gems with free of cost from that reward

Clash Of Clans Treasure of Gems Offer

Treasure of gems is a very attractive offer in the clash of clans games. However, this offer is not always there. To get this offer, we have to play the Clash of Clans game constantly. Because this offer is offered only in the Clash of Clans game. We can view this offer in the shop where the Clash of Clan has. All gems bundles on this offer are about 70 to 80 percent discount.

So we understand how low we can buy gems while we are on this offer. Only we have to wait for its offer. If someone wants to buy gems with money, it’s a very good time for him because at this time he will get a very good amount of gems with a little amount of money on his Clash of Clans Game ID.

Clash Of Clans Gems: How To Get? Freebies Technique
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But since I wrote in my post that I’ll tell you about the free methods for free Gems, I won’t ask you to invest the money. You’ve already seen that I’ve talked about the Google Opinion Reward. You’ll get the gem with the reward from this Treasure of Gem offer when it comes.

Treasure Of Gems Discount Chart

Gems Bundle NameQuantity Of GemsNormal price (INR) at playstore (Approx USD)Discounted Price (INR) (Approx USD)
Pocketful of Gems80INR 89 ($1.18)INR 27 ($0.36)
Pile of Gems500INR 449 ($5.98)INR 135 ($1.8)
Bag of Gems 1200INR 899 ($11.98)INR 270 ($3.6)
Sack of Gems 2500INR1799 ($23.98)INR 540 ($7.2)
Box of Gems 6500INR 4499 ($59.98)INR 1350 ($18)
Chest of Gems 14000INR 8900 ($118.66)INR 2670 ($35.6)
All the above discounted prices changes every time so its may be incorrect at present days chart data source clash of clan

Redeem Code Offer For Coc (Clash Of Clans) Free Gems

We’ll all listen to the name of google play redeem code. Google Play Redeem Code plays an important role in getting COC gems. When we get a redeem code, we have to redeem that code to our Google Play Store so we get cash and we can buy games for free through that cash but here’s the question is how we’ll get all these code for free! Now we’ll discuss it.

There are a variety of official apps to take redeem code through which we can create Google Play redeem codes and redeem those codes to play store. Of all these redeem code providers, first is Amazon, then Google Pay, then eneba and after that Seagm.

Amazon For Clash Of Clans Free Gems Generator

Amazon app is a very useful app for bill Pay. We usually pay a variety of bills through Amazon. Amazon provides cashback to their customers as rewards for paying this bill. From mobile recharge to different types of electricity bills or other types of bills, we get cashback. When we get a cashback, it’s credited to amazon pay account. Later we use this cashback to create this Google play redeem code via Amazon and use it in play store. How you can do this!

How To Use Amazon For Clash Of Clan Free Gems Generator
  1. Get it from playstore and sign up on amazon if you’re a new user
  2. Simply log in to amazon if you’re a old user
  3. Go to pay bills
  4. You’ll see google play recharge with cash back offer
  5. Click on google play recharge
  6. Enter amount
  7. Pay online
  8. You’ll get Rs 200 ($2.66) cash back
  9. You’ll get redeem code on your mail id and the amazon app also
  10. Copy the redeem code
  11. Open play store
  12. Click on account (Circle present on the upper right side corner)
  13. Go to Payments and subscriptions
  14. Click On Redeem Gift Code
  15. Account balance will be update and now you can buy free gems on coc

So we saw that we got the Google Play Redeem code with the cashback we got to pay the previous bill on Amazon. Again we got an additional Rs. 200 cashback while receiving the Google Play Redeem code. So it’s a very good method for getting a gem in the COC for free.

Unlimited [Clash Of Clans Free Gems] Generator Website
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Google Pay For Clash Of Clan Free Gems Generator

Through Google Pay we can get free gem for the Clash of Clans game. Many of us use Google Pay to pay a variety of bills. While paying all these bills, Google Pay gives us a variety of interesting rewards and cash backs. When we get these cash backs, the cashback money goes to our account. Later, we can use that cashback for creating google play redeem codes. Remember google pay also provide scratch cards for cash backs for creating redeem codes. The steps are given below

How To Create Google play Redeem Codes From Google Pay
  1. Open Gpay
  2. Scroll down
  3. Check for Business & bills
  4. Click on bills
  5. Check payment categories
  6. Click on Google play
  7. Tap on buy
  8. Enter amount
  9. Pay
  10. Get your Redeem code
  11. Use it on play store
  12. Buy clash of clan gems bundle

eneba For Clash Of Clans Free Gems Generator

The role of this website is immense in creating Google Play Redeem Code. We can not only create Google Play’s Redeem Code here. Here we can buy stream gift cards, Xbox Live Gift Cards, PSN Gift Cards, Nintendo gift Card, Fortnight Cards and Blizzard gift cards also.

We can get reward through surveys like swagbucks. We need to check good survey websites for this but to my knowledge the best survey website is swagbucks. Here we will get rewards by completing surveys and the rewarded money we get by doing those surveys is credited to our PayPal account and later we can use it for coc free games. With the money of this PayPal account, we can buy google play redeem codes from eneba. The process is given below

How To Create Google play Redeem Codes From Eneba
  1. Go to ENEBA. com
  2. Click on gift cards which is present on the header side of the website
  3. From the drop down menu Click on Google play play gift cards
  4. Choose what amount of gift card you want to create
  5. Click on that
  6. Pay for instant redeem code
  7. Use it on play store for Coc Free Gems bundle

Seagm For Clash Of Clans Free Gems Generator

We have already seen how we will get rewards by completing surveys and we have also learnt how to use that reward after taking it to paypal account. Now we will see how we will get redeem code from this website “seagm” through that paypal amount.

Many people may wonder what innovation is on this website and many people may have a lot of questions about it. I will say that now. In fact, this website is not just about buying Google Play Gift Cards in our own country. This website is the best website for those who live in other countries. Here anybody can buy redeem cards for gplay who belongs to Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, South Africa, and Turkish.

How To Create Google play Redeem Codes From Seagm
  1. Go to
  2. Sign up first
  3. Click on cards which is present on the header side of the website
  4. From the drop down menu Click on gift cards
  5. After clicking on gift cards you’ll find Google play gift card
  6. Choose gift card according to your country
  7. Select Card Type
  8. Click on buy now
  9. Pay
  10. use it on play store
  11. Buy gems for clash of clans

So this way you can generate gems for coc. Thanks all of you. I hope you like my post.

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